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Game Widow

A game widow refers to someone who lost his or her spouse to an immersive MMO gameworld or social VR experience. The Widow is a person not at all interested in the same world, and so their spouse becomes lost to the point they spend all their time within that world, and neglect the physical relationship they are in.

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Game Widow


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Comprising thirty-two separate essays by game designers, game critics, game fans, philosophers, anthropologists, and media theorists, this first of its kind collection on game design and criticism looks at many of the fundamental questions that plague the industry today.

OpenGL ES Game Development offers an in-depth look into the OpenGL ES standard and what the new embedded systems graphics library will provide for game developers. It covers OpenGL ES, EGL, game development, and platforms that are currently available.

Aimed at the working Visual C++ game developer, 3D Game Engine Design provides a tour of mathematical techniques for 3-D graphics, and the source code that's used to implement them in state of year 2000?s art gameworld engines.

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Permanent Death Sliderule
?Permanent removal of the ability for a player to control his avatar within the game system is known as permanent player death (PPD). Few game mechanics actually attempt to make use of PPD, though the reasons for this vary. The purpose of this article is not to identify the strengths or weaknesses of PPD within a given game system, but to present one implementation of it.?

The first of a series of game AI programming books, this one is divided into eleven sections, covering General Wisdom; Useful Techniques and Specialized Systems; Pathfinding with A*; Pathfinding and Movement; Tactical Issues and Intelligent Group Movement; Architecting a Game AI; Decision-Making Architecture; FPS AI; RTS AI; RPG AI; Racing and Sport AI; Scripting; and Learning.

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Web-based market simulation 'game' a serious training aid
From September 2003, this brief news snippet is worth keeping hold of, because it's message is so important - even a 'game' is a serious tool to train.

First created in 2003, Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding The Market deals with the ever-present problem of game and virtual-space designers assuming, incorrectly, that young males, typically 13-25 years of age, dominate the market.

World Review: Larkinor
World Review: Larkinor welcome screen
Larkinor is a strange place, almost a chameleon. It is a web-based browser game, same as a thousand others. Only difference is, it is doing its level best to immitate something decidedly more than a game ? it is trying to be a MUD.
Rating 58.5

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Geri's Game
Made in 1997, Geri's Game is an iconic CGI short film, coming on the heels of 'Bug's Life', and the first real attempt at fabric animation by Pixar Studios.

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Play the character, not the game
This story-based paper examines the different challenges, experiences, and memories available in role-play, and other types of 'game', in order to showcase the advantage of the one over the other. This one makes its point well.


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Since swine flu first emerged in April, it has sparked panic, vaccine production and now, a video game.

In an effort to further raise awareness, Dutch researchers have created a game that challenges players to control a new p...

March 9th ? March 13th
Moscone Center, San Francisco USA

The Game Developers Conference has grown from an informal gathering in the living room of a notable game designer 23 years ago, to a weeklong conference for mor...

Korea is a blur of activity in the MMO sector, with over 200 new entertainment worlds under development, and an amazing countrywide internet infrastructure. The Korean Game Developers Conference is an annual conference organized by Korea...

The GAMES group at the University of Alberta is using AI to develop the next generation of interactive video games.

Today, many video games create only an illusion of intelligence, using a few programming tricks. But in the n...

June 17-18 2009
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The Game Education Summit is the only conference where the video game industry and academics from around the world can come together to have mea...