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Geographic Visualization

Geographic Visualization is usually concatenated into the single term Geovisualization, it is the use of mirror world environments and geospatial data in order to perform an analysis of that data in an interactive environment.

In other words, to take real-time data collection from the physical world, and overlay that data in a virtual copy of part of the physical world, which can then be explored, often in an immersive way, whilst still having layers of otherwise purely virtual data interactively placed over thgis copy of the physical environment, for purposes of analysing the distributions.

See Also: Geospatial, Geospatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Mirror World

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Geographic Visualization



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The book is certainly enough to use as fodder for any seeking to recreate an Aztec-like world, and the painstakingly created visualizations serve as outstanding material to copy for modellers.

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HoloVision project, was created in 2004, and expired in mid 2008. Its purpose was to pursue the technology of holographic 3D visualization, put simply. It invented new technologies as it went along, as an European Union project.

Exploring geovisualization, is a tome dedicated to the visualisation of data. Specifically, visualising data of a physical or non-physical nature, in the format of geographic landscaping ? in other words, highly visual, highly graphical formats.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 - 26 July 2008

The IADIS Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) 2008 conference aims to address the main issues on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Image Processing and Computer Vision.

In today's world more geographic information is being collected about us, such as where we live, where the clinic we visited is located, and where we work. Web sites are also collecting more geographic information about their users. This l...

Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) is a global leader in high performance computing, storage and advanced visualization techniques. They have announced today that they have started a new developer licencing scheme.

Already, ...

Toshiba Medical is announcing the release of two new versions of the company's Voxar 3D PACS visualization system, the Voxar 3D 6.3.2 Workstation and Voxar 3D 6.3.2 ActiveX.

The Workstation version is a stand alone software...

New computer visualization technology developed by the Harvard Initiative in Innovative Computing has helped astrophysicists understand that gravity plays a larger role than previously thought in deep space's vast, star-forming molecular c...