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Geovisualization, a concatenation of Geographic Visualization, is the use of mirror world environments and geospatial data in order to perform an analysis of that data in an interactive environment.

In other words, to take real-time data collection from the physical world, and overlay that data in a virtual copy of part of the physical world, which can then be explored, often in an immersive way, whilst still having layers of otherwise purely virtual data interactively placed over thgis copy of the physical environment, for purposes of analysing the distributions.

See Also: Geospatial, Geospatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Mirror World

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Exploring geovisualization, is a tome dedicated to the visualisation of data. Specifically, visualising data of a physical or non-physical nature, in the format of geographic landscaping ? in other words, highly visual, highly graphical formats.


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