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Global Navigation Satellite System

GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System is the next step of progression on from a GPS system. A GPS system only provides the ability to determine position. A GNSS on the other hand, is a considerably more complex and useful system. As such, it includes:

Real time navigation information
Autonomous integrity checking
Accuracy sufficient for safe navigation

The easiest way to achieve these aims and create a GNSS is to use more satellites / stratellites in a GPS system, to increase signal density and thus accuracy, upgrade the timing of the internal clocks in receiver units to minimise errors, and use multiple redundant, and independent GPS systems, to check for integrity.

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GPS for Buses
German researchers are working on a system which they hope will encourage more people to use public transport: A vehicle-independent and company-independent GPS navigation system for public transport, modelled on the way in-car GPS navigation systems work.

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Optical Machine Vision Navigation System Found in Flies
A study conducted to understand how flies and bees can navigate so precisely using just natural sunlight, has interesting implications for machine vision, and adding additional sense-based navigation systems to UAVs and UGVs without adding the weight or cost of any extra hardware.

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Cities XL
Gameindustry.biz take a look at Cities XL, Monte Cristo's ambitious product, attempting to combine a traditional city-simulation game with massively multiplayer online functionality, giving players the option to take part in a global, entirely player-dependent global economy.

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Local Area Augmentation Systems
A Local area Augmentation System is used to augment Global Positioning Systems when fine, precise detail is required. They could actually solve a lot more sensor web issues than just the use in aeronautics they have today.

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What ACE means for VR
ACE, or Autonomous City Explorer, is an embodied robot system, a development of the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. However, we are not interested in its navigation achievements here. Instead, one of the new interaction methods ACE employs, is of interest for quite different applications.

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To increase transmission speed (decreasing transmission delay) beyond that of low earth orbit, a different paradigm is required. A type of satellite which can survive in high atmosphere.

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Mudding with Language Barriers
?In a global community, language has no limits and interpretation is sometimes misleading.?

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Analysing Typhoons for Future Use
NASA has unveiled a weather satellite capable of converting any typhoon into a 3D volumetric map in unprecedented detail, in real-time. These maps being extremely useful for both dedicated weather simulators and interactive 3D environments alike.


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China plans to complete its own satellite navigation system by 2015, making it independent of foreign technology such as the US-developed Global Positioning System (GPS), state media said Monday.

The Beidou Navigation System ...

The EU's much-delayed Galileo sat-nav network will begin operation in 2014, the European Commission said Thursday as it awarded key contracts to Germany's OHB System and France's Arianespace.

The European system is aimed t...

Indian government plans to build an independent satellite navigation system using home-grown components. The project, called the Indian Regional Navigation System, will be implemented over the next five or six years and will consist of a co...

IBM has filed a patent that could put an end to losing your favorite radio channels while you are driving long distances. Their idea is to combine satellite navigation with the car radio to automate the process of finding new radio stations...

Just like flat-screen televisions, cell phones and computers, global positioning system (GPS) technology is becoming something people can't imagine living without. So if such a ubiquitous system were to come under attack, would we be ready...