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Goblin Tactics

Goblin Tactics is another name for the practice of zerging or swarming. Zerging is a nasty practice in VR Gameworlds such as MMOs or larger MUDs in which as many participants as possible are recruited into a single force whose intent is to crush any enemies with sheer numbers. When zerging, casualties are typically ignored with the point to get to the enemy and crush them underfoot as soon as possible. Zerging eliminates any possibility of fair play from the equation, which is why it is frowned upon by many.

Sometimes zerging is performed using bots, AI controlled characters with far faster reflexes than human players, which then magnify this advantage by attacking en-masse. Such AI attacks are usually performed by bots under the control of one or two human players who desire the equipment of someone nominally far more powerful than themselves.

The companies behind gameworlds usually consider such bot zerging grounds for expulsion.

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Goblin Tactics



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Sometimes viable battlespace tactics come out of left field. In this case, a system that in all likelihood will end up as a military asset, started life in several commercial videogames.

The second of the series of books, this one is divided into many sections, covering General Wisdom; Pathfinding and Movement; Group Movement, Tactics, and Planning; AI Animation Control; State Machines; Architecture; FPS, RTS, and Strategy AI; Racing and Sports AI; Scripting; Learning; Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks; Speech Recognition and Dialogue.

Organised into 7 sections, this comprehensive volume explores every important aspect of AI programming to help you develop and expand your own personal AI toolbox. You?ll find ready-to-use ideas, algorithms, and code in all key AI areas including general wisdom, scripting and dialogue, movement and pathfinding, architecture, tactics and planning, genre specific, and learning and adaptation.


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