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Hand-Made Animation

Hand made animation is the type of animation sequence, which is created by painstaking manual process. Either by laboriously calculating the position of nodes in a mesh for each frame of an animation sequence, or by manually manipulating the bones of a 3D model. This does have advantages over other animation systems such as MoCap based animation, where the desired body movements are impossible for a physical body to replicate.

See Also: Motion-Captured Animation

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One of those rarest of rare books: An animation tome that is not tied down to a specific package. Instead, expect a hefty dose of mathematics, as the author leads you through a variety of animation techniques, both 2D and 3D, from a formulae and expression based perspective.

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Hand Transplants Reconnect Nerves
In research made public in the first quarter of 2009, a French surgical team consisting of Angela Sirigu and colleagues at the Institute for Cognitive Science in Lyon, France, made a stunning discovery with regards to transplanted hands: Under proper stimulation conditions, the nerves grow back, and the hands begin to function normally.

The Animatrix is a collection of nine short animations, a mix of CG and hand drawn animation, examining different aspects of the Matrix universe. They tend to be thought provoking, looking at other aspects of VR from philosophical viewpoints, a detective story, what-if scenarios, and even a history of the future of the human race.

Timing for Animation by this pair of authors, is back in print. This book, over 20 years old, was and still is the definitive tome for animation. Whether drawn sculpted or CGI, making something move realistically is all about timing. Timing first, second, and last. When to move, when not to move, what to move, and how much to move.

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Geri's Game
Made in 1997, Geri's Game is an iconic CGI short film, coming on the heels of 'Bug's Life', and the first real attempt at fabric animation by Pixar Studios.

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Knick Knack
Made in 1989, Knick Knack was a three minute short CG animation by Pixar Studios, featuring what was then the cutting edge of rendering capability, way beyond what real-time renders were capable of. To put it in perspective, this was just six years before Toy Story was released.

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RAPHaEL Hand > Compressed Air and Rubber
The RAPHaEL hand, or Robotic Air Powered Hand with Elastic Ligaments was constructed by Virginia Tech researchers. Its main claim to fame is a 60psi deft and dexterous movement, with a complete lack of motors. It uses actuators based on the accordion model instead.

There always seems to be an artificial disconnect between the skillset necessary to draw in 2D and that necessary to animate with CGI. Many books treat it as if you have to unlearn all you know from one, to learn the other, even when that is clearly not the case. This tome shows why it is not.

This tome is, as the4 title suggests, more of an overview for the subject than a detailed how-to. It covers everything from the very basics of computerised model animation, right through rigging and boning, on to timing and lighting ? but it does so without going into painstaking detail on any one topic.

This book is an animation expert's attempt to ?dump his kit? as the author puts it, and share with others the fundamentals of animation that are not generally taught outside of industry practice, and always were taught behind closed doors.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands

CASA is the leading international conference in the field of computer animation and social agents. CASA 2009 will provide great opportunities to interact with leading expe...

(Press Release) Cheetah3D 4.0 was released at the end of March. The fourth major release of Cheetah3D finally offers character animation tools. With Cheetah3D 4.0 you can now easily animate characters for creating your own 3D short films.

Tools developed by European researchers bring cut-and-paste simplicity to gaming and animation. Users will be able to cut-and-paste complex elements like emotion, tone of voice and facial expression, making compelling new content, cheaply a...

July 4th 2012 - July 7th 2012
Coruņa, Spain

Mundos Digitales is a festival based on 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Videogames and Architectural Visualization. Each festival includes several conferences on 3D Animation,...

DreamWorks Animation?s new CG film, ?Bee Movie? had a problem. DreamWorks is in Glendale, California., but director, producer and star Seinfeld preferred to stay in New York City.

The solution? Telepresence. DreamWorks Animat...