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Haptics refers to the research and computer systems/interfaces dedicated to allowing sensory feedback from the virtual to the user's senses, of kinaesthetics, and touch.

Haptic taken literally means the sense of touch. It derives from the Greek haptien, and it is the ability to feel something when it brushes up against you. Haptic is most frequently referred to as touch via the hands. This is because data gloves have captured the public imagination. Whilst such gloves do exist, haptics can be applied to any part of the body, from gloves to bodysuits, vests, and armbands. In each case, it allows the sense of touch to be either augmented, or bypassed. It enables two friends, 4,000 miles apart, to press their hands together, and feel each other's fingers as they interlace.

Haptics has been combined with the porn industry, to form the field of teledildonics, in which sex is enacted through a PC with haptic devices at either end able to provide stimulation to the private areas of each party.

Haptic is however, not a full touch replicator. Touch consists of three parts: Pressure, Texture, and Temperature. Haptics are only capable of generating pressure.

There is a related field, Tactile, which replicates pressure and temperature, but it is very immature at the current time.

See Also: Haptic Interface, 2D Haptics, 3D Haptics, Telehaptics

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This resource list deals with what mighrt well be termed early uptake haptics - the haptics systems which are finally leaving the lab, and amoung the first to find real, practical use in medicine, education, and industry.

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Haptics: Cold
An examination of haptics would not be complete without a look at some of the lesser known sensory nerves. This time it is the turn of Krausse's bulb end, responsible for our sense of cold. How it actually does that, is still something of a mystery.

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Haptics Reaches the Emotions
The search to prove haptics for robotics is vital to human interaction, may have profound implications for human interaction online as well.

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Haptics: Texture
Haptics is the study of the sense of touch. There are many parts to touch, and five different types of touch nerve in the nervous system. Here, we look at what goes into detecting texture, how the nerves work, and some initial attempts to interface with them for VR.

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Haptics: Pressure
Haptics is the study of the sense of touch. Touch has many parts, but the most basic, the most fundamental of all, is that of pressure.

Linked resource
Putting a face to the past
A piece from the BBC, on using haptics to rebuild faces from casts and models.

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Haptics Theories Upturned: Pressure Independent of Velocity
It has been a staple of our understanding of the processes behind human dexterity for decades, that the faster you push at something, the more force you exert. Now, it seems that is not actually accurate.

Locally Hosted resource
Poultry.Internet - Human-to-Chicken Pet-Touching Through the Internet
Industry News

Press Releases do not usually make it into the resource database. This one however, is zany enough, and interesting enough to make it, detailing a truly novel use for haptics.

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Adding Haptics to a Second Skin
Researchers have prototyped an electrotactile second skin to be worn over the first, which adds additional pressure sensation to the user's own sensory capabilities it makes the natural skin much more sensitive to touch.


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Camille Moussette explores how interaction designers can leverage and embrace the sense of touch to develop interfaces and experiences that go beyond traditional visual and form-based aesthetics. He will defend his thesis on October 30 at U...

A virtual reality hand, complete with vital veins, that "feels" could help trainee nurses practise.

The tactile 3D virtual reality system uses force feedback technology developed by the British company UK Haptics.

A thin-film pressure sensor made of semiconducting nanoparticles detects differences in texture down to the level felt by the human fingertip, an order of magnitude over current generation touch sensors.

This will initially b...

OmniGuide, Inc. has recently announced their new BeamPath NEURO? flexible CO2 laser for neurosurgery. According to the company, it is the first flexible CO2 laser scalpel out there. The big idea is to allow neurosurgeons to perform precise ...

Woburn-based haptic products maker SensAble Technologies Inc. this week is showcasing new software and hardware medical training offerings based on its technology.

The idea behind its haptic devices, toolkits, and 3-D modelin...