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Human-Robot Interaction

Human-Robot Interaction or HRI is the complex field of study and design towards the best ways for a human and a robot to interact. It differs from the study of HCI or human computer interfaces, because a robot is usually capable of responding in a direct and meaningful physical manner, much as an animal or another human would.

See Also: HCI

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Human-Robot Interaction


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Virtual Human Interaction Lab uses VR to Study Human Social Behaviour
The Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) at Stanford University is engaged in using VR to observe how humans interact when within non-physical realms.

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Haptics Reaches the Emotions
The search to prove haptics for robotics is vital to human interaction, may have profound implications for human interaction online as well.

The book ? Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships? explores every level of human relationship with robots, and robot-like creatures, arguing in favour of intimate relationships with robots ? and likely commonplace within a lifetime.

How do you spot a robot mimic of a human? How do you recognise and deactivate a rebellious servant robot? How do you escape a murderous smart home? This dry humoured survival guide, written by a genuine roboticist teaches the worried how to survive a robot mutiny.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Human-Robot Riots
An all too believable human/robot riot from the Animatrix short film duet 'The Second Renaissance'. Brought about by the continuing trend of human leaders and lawmakers to forget the lessons of the past. It is little different to slave trade arguments of that past, and so very likely to occur in the future, unless we are prepared for it.

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Robot unravels mystery of walking
A look at the first passive walking robot that walks like a human, rather than stomping around like a robot. Can prosthesis and avatars also benefit from this concept?

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AI Development > LIREC
The LIREC project (Living with Robots and Interactive Companions) is an attempt to help create interactive, emotionally intelligent, synthetic companions which are capable of long-term relationships with human users, and able to move between robot-based interaction and virtual avatar form.

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Twendy-One is what is described by its creators as "a human-symbiotic robot". Standing five feet tall, and weighing 245 pounds, Twendy is bristling with sensors and artificial muscles. Developed by by Sugano Laboratory, Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University, Japan, this robot is designed as a replacement for difficult to find and keep human care staff for elderly or infirm individuals.

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SEMAINE, or Sustained Emotionally coloured Machine-human Interaction using Non-verbal Expression, is a research project, trying to create open source AI software that can recognise non-verbal communication, and interact with a human on that basis.


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March 5 2012 - March 8 2012
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Robotics is growing increasingly multidisciplinary as it moves towards realizing capable and collaborative robots that meet both human needs of soc...

26th August 2013 - 30th August 2013
Christís College, University of Cambridge, UK
08:00 - 17:00

The International Summer School on Social Human-Robot Interaction welcomes PhD students and young researchers for ...

Work is beginning on a robot with artificial skin which is being developed as part of a project involving researchers at the University of Hertfordshire so that it can be used in their work investigating how robots can help children with au...

Robots can develop basic language skills through interaction with a human, according to new results from researchers at the University of Hertfordshire and published in PLoS ONE.

Dr Caroline Lyon, Professor Chrystopher Nehani...

Mehdi Dastani, an artificial-intelligence researcher at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands, is endowing a robotic cat with a set of logical rules for emotions.

The hope is that by introducing emotional variables to the de...