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Individual Bone Constraints

Individual bone constraints are a method used in hierarchical skeletal modelling systems, that are in turn used to control how avatars move, allowing realistic movement asd bones swing around connecting vertex points.

Individual bone constraints are limits on that motion, defining the possible degrees of swing along each of the three axis for those points. This prevents elbows from doubling over backwards, or twirling a shoulder joint like a lasso. In so doing, it adds realism to the animation.

See Also: Hierarchical Skeletal Modelling System, Inverse Kinematics

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Individual Bone Constraints

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Augmented Reality Hip Replacement
Usually, creation of a prosthetic limb errs on the lighter side, sacrificing capability for lightness. This is because until now, it has not been possible to examine the surviving bone in enough detail to safely screw a prosthetic into the bone.

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Large Image Display: Prosthetic Jaw Hinging
One of the most important aspects when working with any skeletal system, is the joint where bones connect. If you don't get this area right, then bone will grind against prosthesis, and the bone is likely to take critical damage first. You inflame a joint, that did not have a problem in the first place, and spread further complications throughout the body.

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Hydroxyapatite Bone Grafts
Pennsylvania State University researcher Henry J. Donahue, Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Penn State College of Medicine, has found a use for the inorganic material hydroxyapatite, in covering sterilized implants so that they form a natural bond with on-site bone, fusing together over time.

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Holograms can reveal brain's inner workings
Usually with imaging of the inner workings of the brain, we cannot get down as far as the individual neurons. That's a pity because if we could image individual neurons during the firing process, it would add another tool into our toolkit for working out at a fine level, exactly how neurons are assigned into functions.

Whilst over 30 years old now, this book is one of those whose usefulness is never likely to fade. It is a physics book, dealing with the mathematics and physical constraints of getting any rigid body jointed system to move as desired. Designed initially with robots in mind, long before the avatar, the maths contained within is ideal for grounding on ragdoll physics as used with avatars.

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VR Interfaces: The Webcam/EyeToy
In a paradigm where overcoming physical constraints is key, a webcam may seem a very odd VR interface device. However, what lays true for one section of individuals, dows not always lay true for another. The PS2?s EyeToy has done much in the cause of using physical body form as an input device.

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Increasing Access to Public Augmented Reality Units: The Human beast Problem
The human element is the main stopping point for augmented reality technologies. Humans are not really that civilised in general. Civilisation is imposed on most, by society. Taken out of society's constraints, or drunk, or high, or simply angry, the average street passer-by becomes in essence, a wild animal. They are going to break things, whatever they can grasp.


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