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Interactive WhiteBoard

Interactive WhiteBoards or IWBs, the latest trent in classroom based Augmented Reality teaching. A whiteboard hooked up to a digital projector, with a touch-interface built into the board. These display units are designed to bring teaching out of the 19th century a little bit, by allowing full motion video, interactive videoconferencing, and real-time presentation of student's work to class members.

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Interactive WhiteBoard



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Making an Electronic Whiteboard with the Wii
A video has been posted by Gametrailers.com, made by Johnny Chung Lee of Carnegie Mellon University. The video is a talk-though of demonstrations on how to use a Wii to create an inexpensive, interactive whiteboard for classroom use.

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Why writing in games matters: Part II?challenges of interactive storytelling
A second, deeper look at creating interactive stories, branching dialogue, and trying to create a feel of player participation whilst guiding them to specific destinations.

This book is designed for 3-D artists and Web designers who are able to produce interactive 3-D content on their desktop without any prior knowledge of programming. The book uses LifeForms, Virtools and Deep Paint 3-D. It comes with a CD, with most of these tools on it, to aid the reader.

British Sky Broadcasting (Sky) is the operator of the UK's largest digital pay television platform. On weeknights they operate Sky Vegas. In September 2007 this service changed to become interactive, computer generated horseracing.

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AI Development > LIREC
The LIREC project (Living with Robots and Interactive Companions) is an attempt to help create interactive, emotionally intelligent, synthetic companions which are capable of long-term relationships with human users, and able to move between robot-based interaction and virtual avatar form.

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NASA Data 3D Flyovers - Preview of Interactive Mars?
Non-interactive, yet dramatic virtual flyovers of NASA's two Mars rover landing sites have been created, using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's camera, and the principle behind stereoscopic 3D. Might the technology behind them, actually finally be hinting at planetary exploration in VR?

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'Smart' NPC's in Interactive Fiction
A look at what is, and what isn't possible in NPC intelligence.

A comprehensive introduction to Role-Playing, for the uninitiated, across all the major world types. Well worth a look.

As a game designer or new media storyteller, you know that the story is everything. However, figuring out how to tell it interactively-and in a way that keeps your audience coming back for more-can be challenging.

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Panoramic VR environments versus Interactive VR environments
For quite a few years now, there have been two disparate industries, both claiming to be true VR. Which truly is VR, and why?


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Google has picked up Sweden-based Marratech for their video conferencing software. Google's VP of engineering, Douglas Merrill, made the announcement on the company's blog last night, saying that Marratech's software will "enable from-t...

I3D 2006, Sponsored by SIGGRAPH, will be held March 14-17, 2006, at Electronic Arts Campus in Redwood City, California, US.

I3D is a bleeding edge conference for real-time 3D computer graphics and techniques that combine 3D c...

June 22nd - 24th, 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The conference intends to stimulate interaction among academic researchers and commercial developers of interactive entertainment systems. In addition to paper presentatio...

Samsung and interactive advertising company Reactrix Systems plan to bring 57-inch interactive displays to Hilton hotel lobbies by the end of the year.

These displays can "see" people in 3D standing up to 15 feet away from ...

Interactive hi-tech desks could help boost the maths skills of primary school pupils, researchers have said.

The multi-touch, multi-user interactive 'smart' desks were designed, built and tested by Durham University.