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Lab On a Chip

Lab On a Chip, or LOC, is a term that has recently become possible, due to the emergence of biochip laboratories, and simulation programs, hardwired into PROM chips.

A LOC is essentially exactly what is sounds like; an experimental laboratory, which conducts experiments either on a biochip with fluid running through it, or entirely in virtual simulation.

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Lab On a Chip



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Origami Mixed with Printed Circuits: Low Cost, High Versatility Medical Sensors?
An intelligent, lateral-minded approach to lab-on-a-chip: If you cannot fit all the circuits you wish to fit onto a chip to detect different protein markers, just have the doctor keep folding it until the circuits line up in the right places for the disease you are looking for.

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A True Artificial Cochlea
Constructed by engineers at MIT, a single low power radio receiver chip has been painstakingly modelled on the function and deciphering capabilities of the human ear.

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Using RFID to Monitor Implants
A biodegradable, edible RFID chip, hoped to be swallowed and tracked through the stomach, may actually have a far wider range of applications than the one aimed at.

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Hospital in the Ambulance, Chip in Your Hand
A counterpart to the hospital in the home, this article expands that concept, to have a hospital in the back of every ambulance, already diagnosing and beginning hospital care, on the ride in - everything short of surgery.

A history in chronological order of important events in the development of the BrainGate chip by CyberKinetics. This primative Neuralprosthetic kick-started the field by delivering concrete, repeatable results for the first time.

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Podcast: The Brain Chip - A Prison For Your Mind
Here at VirtualWorldlets, we are always keen to bring you news of the latest improvements in neuroprosthetics, but just to be fair, it seemed only right to also show you some of the work of the other side of the coin. This podcast consists of a mash-up of speeches, film clips and documentary segments, from an author trying to educate as to how brain implants are utterly evil.

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Improving BCI: Neural Network on a Chip
In neuroprosthetics, rather than guide the electrodes to neuron dendrites, why not guide neuron dendrites to the electrodes?

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The BOND Nose
The BOND nose is a project working at the opposite end of the spectrum to most attempts to integrate electronics with the sense of smell. Rather than deciper how the brain does it, BOND places olfactory proteins on an integrated chip, and decodes the signals itself. The goal? A hand-held, artificial nose more powerful than a dog's but with the same wide olfactory range.

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BioChips: A Hospital in a shoebox
A biochip is a computer chip, that is a mix of circuits for electrical signals, and tiny canals for fluid, usually blood. There are many different definitions for a biochip. Some class biochips as those RFID chips injected into humans and animals. A few consider a petridish full of lab-grown rat brain cells hooked to a pc as a biochip. Others regard prosthetic interface chips as biochips, whilst still others lab-on-a-chips to be biochips. So who is right?


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It has been a good day for chipmakers with Intel's rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) unveiling its much-hyped new server chip.

It is AMD's first "quad-core" chip, which features four processors on a single chip....

NEC Corporation has announced the development of chip-stacked flexible memory, which can be used to achieve a new system-on-chip (SoC) architecture. The new SoC's architecture consists of separate logic (excluding embedded memory cores) an...

Nvidia has introduced a new a chip capable of creating 3-D virtual worlds on cell phones and other handheld devices. The GoForce 3D 4500 also supports 3-megapixel camera functionality and respects the phone's need to conserve battery power...

On Tuesday, Samsung announced they have found a way found a way to increase memory while allowing for the ever-thinner profile of mobile devices.

Its eight-die multichip package (MCP) creates an eight-layer chip stack 1.4 mm ...

Taiwanese researchers have developed a chip to treat backpain that is powered by mobile phone, a member of the team said Friday.

The chip is implanted directly into the sufferer's back but draws electricity from a power sour...