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Limb Kinematics

Limb kinematics is the study of motion of the limbs - arms and legs - of the body, without thought to the mass of either the limbs or the main body. It studies how, in a given kinematic chain a set of objects jointed together, such as an avatar limb move. Looking particularly at how the motion of each piece affects the others in turn.

If you move your elbow, it affects your hand, and your hand moves through space as your elbow turns. As the hand moves, the joints of the digits move with it, each moving with the one below it. This all has to be precisely replicated by the computer system, as wll as for a robot arm so it understands how the space it physically occupies and requres for further movement, will deform as it moves.

See Also: Kinematics, Forward Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, Mocap, Posturography, Kinematic Motion Estimation

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Virtual Pain Relief: Virtual limb could provide relief from phantom limb pain
Reproduced with permission of The Wellcome Trust, this article takes a look in depth at the use of VR based limbs, to trick the brain into thinking the limb is still physically there - and make the pain vanish.

The dream of a prosthetic limb that touches and feels like a natural limb, is still some ways away. A natural arm or leg processes sensory data at a rate we just do not have the bandwidth to recreate, much less tie into the human nervous system. That said however, significant progress has already been made, and development continues at a rapidly accelerating pace.

This is an edited book comprised of the works of specialists around the globe. It concentrates exclusively on myoelectrically powered upper limb prostheses ? those powered by utilising inherent electrical signals within the patient?s muscle, and as such, goes into all the detail you could ever ask for on these devices.

The i-Limb, made by Touch Bionics, is one of the more advanced prosthetic hands. Its makers claim its the world's most advanced bionic hand. Whilst this claim does not hold water, it is certainly, at time of release in mid 2007, one of the most advanced hands, although not the most advanced - that honour goes to a DARPA military development.

A primer on limb prosthetics, is designed as a scientific aside, almost a technical manual for how life with a prosthetic will change, going into a great deal of detail on each kind of prosthetic, using medical and general notational jargon, as it discusses each joint?s prosthetisement, in a clinical, step by step manner.

A resource list, dedicated to chronicling the efforts of recreating severed limbs via virtual reality, so as to fool the brain into believing the limb is still attached, and thus eliminating the chronic pain, with sensations of stabbing, burning or cutting which are often severe, that 65% of amputees suffer.

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An introductory-level overview of the field of prosthetic limb replacement, and the level of development it is reaching.

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Monkeys Treat Robot Arm as Their Own
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 16-05-2005. Rather than simply manipulating a robotic device, an organic brain incorporates a robotic limb as though it was born with it attached.

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Swift MoCap Sequence Retrieval
A better way has been developed for premade MoCap summoning. A method that uses general limb movements to call up the closest matching MoCap file.

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Augmented Reality Hip Replacement
Usually, creation of a prosthetic limb errs on the lighter side, sacrificing capability for lightness. This is because until now, it has not been possible to examine the surviving bone in enough detail to safely screw a prosthetic into the bone.


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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded a contract for up to $34.5 million to The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Md., to manage the development and testing of the Modular Prost...

University of Pittsburgh, Andrew Schwartz's neurobiology lab. A monkey, pinned to a bed, unable to move even a muscle, is able to flex its arms, and do with it almost as it pleases. Only thing is, the arm's not physically connected, its b...

Previous research on virtual limbs to remove phantom limb pain, by Dr Jonathan Cole, a clinical neurophysiologist at Poole Hospital and Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton, showed that pain can be reduced by activity in the bra...

Max Ortiz Catalan has developed a new method for the treatment of phantom limb pain (PLP) after an amputation. The method is based on a unique combination of several technologies, and has been initially tested on a patient who has suffered ...

(Press Release) Direct and indirect sales momentum gathers for the i-LIMB Hand

Touch Bionics, developer of the world's first commercially available bionic hand, and SPS (Southern Prosthetic Supply) the leading U.S. O&P distr...