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Linked Constant Light Output

Linked constant light output is a paradigm that comes into play when the virtual reality system's display part consists of multiple projectors, overlaying their output to create a combined panorama. One of the most complex issues with any multiple-projector display is maintaining a steady lumen count. Lumen is a measure of brightness, and if one projector is brighter than another it will show up markedly inside the simulation.

If one projector is displaying a predominately dark image, and another a predominately bright image – shadow contrasted to full sun for example – then even if the projectors are calibrated to the same lumen standard, one will be emitting more light than the other, and the two images will differ in brightness even where they are showing something that is supposed to be of equal brightness such as the same area of reflective surface.

Linked Constant Light Output counteracts this by linking the projectors together with an internal simulation. The control program calculates before displaying each frame, how the relative light levels produced by the projectors will look inside the simulator, and makes adjustments to the overall brightness of each projector to compensate.

See Also: ANSI Lumen, Brightness, Ambient Light

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