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Loot Whore

A Loot Whore is a player in a MMORPG who seizes items which would be of great benefit to other players in their adventuring group, but of no practical benefit to themselves, yet they take them anyway.

Due to the financial benefits of many virtual items for cold cash, the benefits of this approach are obvious. However, the side effects tend to be becoming outcast from the community, and thus noone to adventure with, which tends to cut profit margins down to zero as items become nearly unobtainable in collaborative virtual gameworlds.

Also see: Ninja Looter

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Julian Dibbell, freelance writer, and author of ?A Tiny Life? and other works chronicling the massive, disruptive impact of virtual lives on both the physical and the virtual. He tried a little experiment: was it possible to make more money from his forays into the virtual, buying and selling virtual items, than he makes as a successful writer?


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