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A MBAN or Medical Body Area Network consists of multiple devices about the human body which are networked together into a single data-exchanging system, and of which, at least one or more of the devices are continuously monitoring aspects of the body's vital senses. Typically, a MBAN incorporates a network of inexpensive disposable sensors worn on, or even implanted in, the body.

Such networks typically monitor a range of processes from heartbeat, temperature, blood sugar levels and so on, right the way through to specialised processes monitoring the spread of cancer throughout the body, or particular chemical signals in the blood. This information is collected and collated by a control device on the network with significant processing power. This is normally a smartphone, which also has the ability then to transmit relevant information such as medical alerts to a doctor based off of the collected information.

MBAN's can happily coexist with BANs in place for other purposes, and can form part of a greater whole.

See Also: BAN, Bio-Hacker, Body Hacker, Self-Quantifier, Sensor Web

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