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Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Gameworlds. This term was coined as the original MMO, before any other possibilities existed. Derived directly from the cRPG genre, MMORPGs sought to bring back many of the great aspects of tabletop RPGs to cRPGs, and included the giants Ultima Online, and EverQuest.

Nowdays, the MMORPG still exists, as a subset of the MMO industry, though gameworlds, being more than just games, are breaking out of the classification attempts.

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MMORPG.com's series of polls on what the userbase really desires in any, and all aspects of MMORPGs. Continually ongoing.

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A Case for Complexity?
What do players actually want from a world such as a MMORPG? Could it be that we are getting too complex in modern designs, and are turning them off, or is content too linear, too structured round the shared activity to be truly appealing? Decide for your self in this fascinating article.

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Engineering Everquest
A long and comprehensive piece about the MMORPG Everquest, the company behind it, and how this ageing behemoth is both staying fresh, and doing more to pressurise the growth of home computing power than anything else, for its 600,000 subscribers.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ Errand of Mercy
Errand of Mercy, and the Organians. After viewing the episode, it becomes clear we have seen this again and again - in every MMORPG yet launched. Is 40 years long enough to keep hashing the same old? After all, as the storyline shows, it antagonised those from outside the environment, even then.

World Review: Everquest
World Review: Everquest welcome screen
Everquest is by far the largest MMORPG available right now with something in the region of 430,000 players, almost 120,000 of whom might be online at any one time. Now nearing five years of age, the original Everquest world of Norrath has been added to with the introduction of a fair few add-on packs such as Shadows of Luclin, or Velious Scars.
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The Healing Game
Picture an MMORPG just like the ones today, but everywhere you see combat, replace it with healing. A six-man encounter would be a surgical operation that required teamwork. Soloing would be a brilliant doctor doing drive-by diagnostics. Raids would be massive experimental treatments. - Raph Koster's brilliant ideas for a healing based MMO

World Review: Wizard101
World Review: Wizard101 welcome screen
Wizard101 is not a social space by any means; it is a pure gameworld, a massively multiplayer online system which is designed primarily with children in mind. It is a MMORPG that launched in late 2008. Within it, you play a schoolchild, about to enrol in the school of witchcraft and wizardry, based amongst the towers and parapets of a purpose built fortress-town.
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In one of the oddest decisions by a world administration to date, Chinese world operator Shanda Entertainment has announced that they are now banning male gamers playing as female characters from their MMORPG King of the World.

(Press release) RedBedlam is to radically alter the way that users subscribe to massively-multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG's) with the introduction of a pioneering 'Virtual Currency' system in its forthcoming release, the hi...

Electronic Arts have announced that their MMORPG, Earth & Beyond will close its doors at the end of this year, citing that they need to focus their resources on future games. At the time of the closure, Earth & Beyond will have been open...

In an interview conducted by IGN, with Mark Jacobs, VP and GM of Mythic Entertainment, he had much to say about the MMO industry, and success rates within it.

IGN: What's your general assessment of the MMO...

Monolith, the developer behind the Lithtech game engine, and developers of the forthcoming Matrix Online MMORPG, has been bought out by Warner Bros' new games division.

The deal will officially close on October the first and...