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1. MUSE stands for Multi-User Shared Environment, an older term used to describe social virtual reality systems. MUSEs are environments which exist solely for the experience of those who enter them ? something which no physical environment can match ? and in which the experiences of one party, impinge on the experiences of others.

2. MUSE is also the name of an European Union project (Multi-Service Access Everywhere) designed to continually upgrade data transmission speeds for end-users in European nation states. The overall objective of MUSE is the research and development of a future, low cost, multi-service access network.

The project addresses the network architecture, techno-economics, access nodes, solutions for the first mile, and interworking with the home network. Solutions become communications standards for the continent, and beyond.

3. MUSE is short for Multi User Simulated Environment. Similar in definition to Shared Environment, a simulated environment differs notably in that the definition if much broader in scope ? and much less frequently used. MUVE is typically used instead, although both terms essentially mean the same thing.

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