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MUSHes or Multi-User Shared Halucinations are text-based social worlds. Typically involving mainly chat, and player created structures that bend reality. A good example might be an accessible player house inside a red hotel on a monopoly board inside the main chat room. Moving between the two locations breaks all the spatial rules we are familiar with.

MUSHes are a form of VR that goes back decades, and have been the catalyst for several advances in VR technology.

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MUSH Code: What It Is and Where to Get It
This fairly short introduction to MUSH coding, includes the key facts needed, some excellent references, and a companion article, Coding by Example: +where.

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What is a MUSH?
This short article attempts to define what a MUSH is, for the completely uninitiated. By it's very nature, this article lacks any depth, but serves as an excellent grounding for those just entering the sphere of virtual worlds.

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MUSH Reference Manual
This reference manual, designed for PennMUSH, but suitable for all MUSH codebases, provides an excellent grounding for familiarity with MUSHes. Note: File size is in excess of 130k.

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Advertising your MUSH
Six steps, and five pointers to advertising your world, and doing it right. How to get people to sit up and take notice to what you're telling them. Applicable to any type of world, not just a MUSH.

Complete Website: The Art of Building
The ultimate site for MUD/MOO/MUSH builders! contains virtually everything a builder would need to get started, and quite a bit more besides.

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Coding by Example: +where
This companion article to MUSH Code: looks at implementing a listing function of players / administrators, and where they are.

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Visibility: Advertising Your MUSH
This short, but informative article looks at the various low cost, or free methods for successfully advertising the presence of your virtual world.

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MUD Pies: Part 1 - Let's make a MUD server
If you've ever contemplated making your own MUD, but never knew where to start, this article is for you. Designed around making a MUD (or MUSH, or MOO, or whatever you like) using the Windows operating system, it employs a clear, easy to follow approach, and copious source code.

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MUSH and Roleplaying Etiquette Guidelines
As the author states, this is only an opinion on the etiquette needed for virtual world roleplaying. However, it is a very well reasoned, and common-sensical opinion.You could do worse than to follow these guidelines.


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