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Mass Automation

With the increase in AI, robotics, virtual prototyping, and 3D printing, the robotic revolution has only just begun. Self-driving cars are getting closer every year. Robots that can move as well as humans, and never get tired. A great deal of boring, demeaning, difficult or dangerous work is about to be eliminated, which may well cause serious increase in unemployment levels.

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Mass production of any item, lowers the production cost. Mass production of prosthetic limbs has never been possible in the past, due to the niche nature of replacement limbs ? just not a large enough market to justify traditional mass production facilities. Now, there are signs that that is changing, as it becomes possible to ?print? any structure in three dimensions, in almost any material, without customised facilities. The cost of mass production is disappearing from mass production.

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Multi-Agent automation on the Factory Line
Although use of AI and AGI to give robots minds of their own is something still very much in its infancy, great strides are being made. In this specific case, automation Scientists Fredrik Danielsson and Bo Svensson of University West in Sweden, have created an automation system where such robot arms make their own decisions and adapt to external circumstances.

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If You Build It They Might Come: Critical Mass & Other User Buzzwords
This article examines the myth of ?instant success? in online environments, and how things are going to be boring for a while, there?s no escaping that, until you hit your magic ?critical mass? and things finally become interesting for the participants. It concerns itself with the known ?plateaus? of users, and suggests common-sense ways to double growth without really trying.

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Simple Yet Highly Effective Robotic Boost to Mass Spectrometry
A group of biochemists at Georgia Tech had a dream; a dream of being able to automate the process of gathering samples for mass spectrometry. A dream whereby they could just hand the analysis tool a sample. It didn't matter what colour, shape, size, density, or anything it was. The tool would take over and just know how best to approach the problem of obtaining the sample. A nice pipe dream... until the College of Computing at the same university got wind of it.

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VR Demonstrated as a Serious Commercial Design Tool
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation in Germany, have demonstrated the advantages of using virtual reality for product development in commercial settings.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Soulless Automation
A scene from 'The Stepford Wives' in which the robotic skin is shown to Joanna for the first time; along with the knowledge that she will soon be inside it, whether she wishes it or not. This plays on the submersion of humanity within the machine, and also the uncanny valley.

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Robot Researcher For Glass-Glues
Computerised researchers are becoming an increasing trend it would seem. We've seen an increase in recent years of drug-testing robots and automated researchers. Glass researchers are apparently the latest field to be hit with the automation bug.

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Q&A: Internet Protocol TV
What is IPTV? How does it benefit people? Bidding farewell to the days of mass entertainment being passive, as opposed to interactive, this FAQ attempts to explain to the layperson, a few home truths about the technology.

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The Community
An unintentionally humourous decade old article from the MUD community, about how, once any VR becomes popular, the masses flood in, and all of a sudden, the fragile system you had built up collectively, is gone. Replaced by mass culture.


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26th August 2013 - 29th August 2013
Amber Baltic Hotel, Miedzyzdroje, Poland

The 18th International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Control (MMARí2013) is to be held 26-29 August 2013 in Miedzyzdroje...

26th August 2013 - 28th August 2013
Yinchuan, China

IEEE ICIA is the premier conference series presenting the state of the art and future perspectives of information and automation technologies, and it has been an eve...

Automation in the cockpit is traditionally believed to free pilotsí attention from mundane flight tasks and allow them to focus on the big picture or prepare for any unexpected events during flight. However, a new study published in Human F...

NEC Corporation, Japan's computer giant, has announced a breakthrough in transistor design. Their newly developed transistor "is only 1/18th the size of the most common transistor now in mass production". With these, a typical CPU ...

Make room, Bender, Rosie and R2D2! Your newest mechanical colleagues are a few steps closer to reality, thanks to lessons learned during two robotics events hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at the recent I...