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Massively Open Online Course

A Massively Open Online Course or MOOC is a type of educational course that is valid towards a formal educational qualification, but exists entirely online. Most MOOCs are higher education orientated and count as credits towards degree courses, but the method works for education at any level where specialist equipment is not physically required.

MOOCs can be full-on virtual reality based, but at this time, the relative cost of VR equipment for every participant counteracts the main benefit of MOOCs – the low price point from the lack of requiring the use of a dedicated physical facility, the lack of travel and specialist accommodation costs et etcetera.

Thus most MOOC courses make use of email, pre-made documents, standard web functionality, and on occasion, collaborative virtual environments using standard home computer hardware. In other words, fishbowl virtual environments.

See Also: Collaborative Virtual Environment, Fishbowl VR

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Massively Open Online Course



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If you are a gamer, a game developer, a virtual environment provider, a software security professional, or an interested bystander, this book exposes the inner workings of online-game and world security for all to see.

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Real Sex, Virtual Worlds
Online sex has always been about real connection in a virtual environment. This article looks in depth at the concept, as wel las the concept of MMOEGs - Massively Multiplayer Online Erotic Games - that have risen over the past year, and flourished.

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Sony opens Virtual Goods Marketplace
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 22-04-2005. Massively Multiplayer Online world operator Sony Entertainment appears to have reversed its position regarding the buying and selling of virtual items.

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Cities XL
Gameindustry.biz take a look at Cities XL, Monte Cristo's ambitious product, attempting to combine a traditional city-simulation game with massively multiplayer online functionality, giving players the option to take part in a global, entirely player-dependent global economy.

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Open-Source Thinking Revolutionizes Prosthetic Limbs
In a Scientific American article, Iraq veteran Jonathan Kuniholm describes how his Open Prosthetics Project (OPP) is using open-source methodologies to bring enhanced prosthetics to the masses.

World Review: Wizard101
World Review: Wizard101 welcome screen
Wizard101 is not a social space by any means; it is a pure gameworld, a massively multiplayer online system which is designed primarily with children in mind. It is a MMORPG that launched in late 2008. Within it, you play a schoolchild, about to enrol in the school of witchcraft and wizardry, based amongst the towers and parapets of a purpose built fortress-town.
Special Client Required

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Online Games & The Law, Part Two: Copyleft & Trademark
A practical explanation of Copyleft, that oft misunderstood alternative to copyright, and a look at trademarkig. Includes breakdowns of the requirements for all the major routes: Open source, GPL, Creative Commons.

Leaves is a world of natural wonders, wholly given over to the replication of nature, and the beauty of wild areas, online. A beautiful parkland, it is open top all, irrespective of location or ability.

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Polish in MMOs: Completing the Dang Product
World of Warcraft is a popular topic in the persistent, online world sphere. It?s a popular topic because it continues to succeed massively, year in, year out. People are keen to know what it does so well. The answer may be, polish. (polish (v): to render (an object) finished).

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Open Source 3D Human Models
Industry News

On the 26th of May 2005, two companies (Zygote Media Group and e frontier) joined forces to give us a new model of open source distribution ? 3D avatars.


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