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Slang Term. Born out of cyberpunk writings, meatspace is a somewhat less than endearing term for physical reality - the realm of meat.

Meatspace is the opposite of cyberspace, the other half of the world.

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SimStim is literally Simulated Stimulation, and is a logical parallel to VR. Rather than experiencing a full VR or AR experience in which your mind is placed inside a metaverse matrix, a completely simulated reality; or the joys of physical reality -meatspace- with additional VR components grafted on, SimStim opens up a third possibility.


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Smell research has come a long way. These days, 'scent sticks' are all around us, and in a disturbing variety of scents. ScentAir Technologies, director of operations Pamela Knock walked around the booth at a recent supermarket trade show...

A new finding by Ann Schlosser at the University of Washington has found that VR based experiences are just as prone to creating false memories as their meatspace equivalents.

Schlosser was interested in seeing how well stud...