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Medical Clinical Assistant

A Medical Clinical Assistant device or MCA is a portable fully featured PC which can be carried about. Unlike laptops, MCAs do not fold out. You get a touchscreen embedded in a smooth contoured, white computer, usually with cameras RFID, Wi-Fi, and BlueTooth to detect the patient, interact with medical devices and connect to the hospital mainframe. Data can be passed both ways, eliminating the need for written notes and courier delays.

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Medical Clinical Assistant


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Medical Clinical Assistants
An overview of Medical Clinical Assistant computers, from their birth in 2006 to the models coming out at the start of 2009.

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A primer on limb prosthetics, is designed as a scientific aside, almost a technical manual for how life with a prosthetic will change, going into a great deal of detail on each kind of prosthetic, using medical and general notational jargon, as it discusses each joint?s prosthetisement, in a clinical, step by step manner.

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Wireless Drug Delivery Prototype Completes Clinical Trials
A new prototype wireless drug delivery implant, including a new prototype medical implant control protocol, has completed a first round of human trials in Denmark, showing great promise for drug delivery via telehealth.

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The Future of Clinical Computing: A Vision from Panasonic
An interview between Medgadget and Panasonic, on Panasonic's 2008 vision for the future of clinical computing.


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