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Memory Transfer

The concept of memory transfer was popularised by the film ?The Matrix? in which kung Fu knowledge was downloaded directly into the brain. In theory this is possible, and there has been some work performed on forcing memory centre neurons into specific networks in petri dishes.

Basically, memory transfer is the science of forcibly reconfiguring neurons in the brain, to directly encode new data, saving the trouble of learning it the old fashioned way, but without affecting other memories. Definitely possible, but we are nowhere near the level of ability to successfully achieve this in a living brain.

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Emotion Critical to Memory Retention
According to a study led by psychologists at the University of Toronto, the differences in human memory are triggered by the varying levels of emotional involvement in that memory's formation. In order to remember an experience in a full and lasting manner, emotional involvement is absolutely critical.

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Stroboscopic Memory Training
A method of training the brain through means of stroboscopics bears a striking resemblance to the basic technology underlying all VR display systems. Could VR really be used to enhance memory, even more efficiently than the physical world-based trials?

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Understanding Grows on Roots of Memory
A digital signal processing technique long used by statisticians to analyse data, is being applied to the brain in a novel endeavour by researchers from Rice University, to understand the roots of memory and learning, along with diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and stroke.

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Artificial Memories Placed in an Organic Brain
A proof of concept set of experiments demonstrates that with the aid of optogenetic neuroprosthetics, memory transferance between individuals is actually possible. This proof of concept also means that encoding downloadable knowledge as a set of memory engram activation patterns is at least possible.

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Shape Memory Materials, Simulation and Prosthetics
Shape memory alloys are composite materials which can 'remember' a given shape or form, and revert back to it when a charge is passed through them, or they are warmed past a critical point, or another condition is met. They deform then reform, essentially flowing like organic tissue without actually being organic.

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Handshake and Transmit Data
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 23-02-2005. The human body is now a transmission medium for computer data. Just shake hands to transfer that file.

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The Bandwidth to Feel
Using the current approach to data transfer the Internet is built on, full VR would never be possible. Just too many thousands of packets for different senses, all moving at once. You would literally come apart at the seams. Thankfully, there is another approach; Internet 2.

This 1996 movie has a great promise to pose a lot of questions as to the nature of identity. A pity really, that it has a budget of around ?5.99.


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Memory manufacturers are shipping samples of DDR4 memory chips, the next generation of computer memory technology, and preparing to produce them en masse.

That means that memory modules based on the faster, more power-efficie...

Fujitsu Laboratories and the University of Toronto today announced that they have jointly developed the world's first high-reliability read-method for use with spin-torque-transfer (STT) MRAM that is insusceptible to erroneous writes.

Samsung Electronics announced today that it has developed the world's fastest memory, a GDDR5 (series five, graphics double-data-rate memory) chip that can transfer data at six gigabits per second.

"We're pushing image enh...

Earlier today, a Swiss-American team reported in a leading scientific journal that a computer based brain-training method designed to improve working memory also increases scores in "fluid intelligence", or general problem-solving ability...

(Press Release) Samsung has today begun mass production of what it claims is the world's fastest Ram for multimedia applications.

The Samsung 256Mb XDR (eXtreme Data Rate) DRAM features an Octal Data Rate process that transf...