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Microelectrode array

A microelectrode array is an array of electrodes, usually ordered in two dimensions (length and width) as in on a chip's surface. These arrays are joined directly onto either the surface of the brain such that each electrode is in contact with one neurone, or are connected around a nerve bundle of the peripheral nervous system for much the same effect.

Microelectrode arrays are the standard way of connecting invasive brain-computer interfaces.

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Microelectrode array


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Electrocorticography Grows Up
Electrocorticography or ECoG is a method of neural interface in which an electrode array, quite like a fine mesh, is draped over the upper surface of the brain directly, under the skull. A section of the skull is removed to allow the array to be fed in, then replaced. The result is near-identical to a high fidelity EEG that is under the skull and thus away from its pattern dampening properties.

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Nanotech coating could lead to better brain implants
Following an interesting attempt at using nanotech material to 'hide' a deep brain electrode array from the auto-immune system, and allow it to interface for far, far longer.

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Tracking Your Fingers with the Wiimote
By using an LED array made out of cheap to buy LEDs placed in a grid with a hole in the middle for the Wii-mote to point through, some software, and some foil stickers on the fingers, a home-use, very basic multi-point interaction system is born.

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Optogenetics and Neuroprosthetics Combine
Optogenetics as a field of study, is only a few years old but already a means has been found to make use of it in living brains. Light-detecting proteins combined with gene therapy and an optical neuroprosthetic with a BrainGate style 3D array allow true two-way communication between the brain and a computer system.


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June 16 - 18, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Neural Interfaces research community consists of investigators, supported by grants or contracts, who are working in areas that include functional neuromuscular/ electrical s...

German electrical engineers have built a square array of 4225 blobs of temperature-sensitive hydrogel to generate`high-resolution tactile images.

The two scientists created a square array of 4225 blobs of temperature-sensitiv...

Researchers in Switzerland are developing miniature vehicles that can self-assemble and then take off vertically and fly as a stable array.

The system, developed at the Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control at the Swiss Fe...

Researchers of the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering of ETH Zurich were able to measure the speed of neuronal signal conduction along segments of single axons in neuronal cultures by using a high-resolution electrical method....

(Press Release) University of Utah researchers have won about $6.7 million in federal grants to develop wireless electrodes that would be implanted to provide blind people with artificial vision and stimulate paralyzed body parts and so dis...