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Mind Upload

The process of uploading a mind into a computer system is another as-yet theoretical technology dealing with BMI. It makes the assumption that if you have a virtual copy of the neuron network that makes up a human brain, the data pathways of a physical brain can be copied onto them, essenyially moving the person?s mind onto an artificial substrate.

There are two distinct pathways mind uploading could take:

1. Make a copy of the original neural patters. The uploaded mind thus becomes a copy, or a backup of the physical brain.

2. Connect the new mind with the old one, in a two-way date exchange as it grows, and simultaneously shut off the old. This would kill the original person, but would in all likelihood affect a consciousness transference to the new substrate. The individual would be preserved in the new medium.

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The Thirteenth Floor: Technological Promise - On-Demand Mind Uploading
This article attempts to delve into greater depth on one of the more fascinating and likely to happen aspects of the film "The Thirteenth Floor" - the ability to upload your mind into a virtual environment indefinitely.

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Meme Control
A meme is basically an idea or concept that self-propagates. Like a virus, it spreads from host mind to host mind, mutating, changing, and passing from mind to mind via gossip and communication transference. In a way almost paralleling Darwinian selection the most successful ideas spread like a viral plague across populations, till almost everyone knows of them.

This book strays from the pack of works on AI, in launching the supposition that the mind is not a basically rational process distorted by emotion, or made more exciting by emotion, and instead embraces emotional states as just a different way to think, an expression of the mind no less valid than rational thought.

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Its all in your mind
Visual Psychology in game design, tricking the player's mind.

Computers are becoming more powerful at an ever-increasing rate, but will they ever become conscious? Artificial intelligence guru Ray Kurzweil thinks so and explains how we will upload our minds and upgrade our bodies to become immortal before the dawn of the 22nd century. In this debate with his critics, including several Discovery Institute Fellows, Kurzweil defends his views and sets the stage for the central question: "What does it mean to be human?"

A reconciliation of two conflicting visions of what a person is--one embedded in our humanistic traditions, the other advanced by mind science--from one of the most influential philosophers of our time.

Debuted at CES 2009, mind flex is a Mattel thought controlled child's toy. Brainwaves are read to spin a fan faster or slower, to allow a ping-pong ball to navigate an obstacle course.

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How Uploading Works
Adapted from a lecture given by Marshall Brain at the 2nd Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, this resource looks at the concept of mind uploading - transferring a conscious mind into a computer - and tries to use common metaphors to explain the subject to the layperson.

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Book Quotes: Dissecting an AGI on the Net
How do you even begin to tell where a mind begins or ends inside a purpose built network such as a brain? If that seems hard, try determining where a mind that is loose on the net, begins and ends.

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ED-209 and the Fear over Programmed Robotics
ED-209 is the classic example of the programmed mind problem. When you program a mind how to think and what to think, as opposed to letting it evolve its own reactions with guidance and teaching, you create a rigid and inflexible will which simply cannot understand input outside its programmed range.


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I am not really me, nor are you really you. Why? Because the self does not really exist.

This is the premise of many studies into the workings of the human mind, yet it is one that many people steadfastly ignore.

Even Hong Kong's dead cannot escape the Internet after the government Thursday opened the electronic gates on a brand new virtual graveyard.

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LG Electronics announced today that it has independently developed the first handset (user equipment) modem chip based on 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE)technology standards. The modem chip can theoretically support wireless download...

Researchers have found daydreaming to be remarkably common -- and often quite useful.

A wandering mind can protect you from immediate perils and keep you on course toward long-term goals. Sometimes daydreaming is counterprodu...