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Minimum Bounding

Minimum bounding is the selection of the type of bounding volume used to cover a 3D shape, that produces the least dead space around it ? i.e. matches the shape?s profile as best as possible. Bounding areas are usually 3D primitives: spheres, cuboids, columns, swept spheres and ellipsoids. The wrong choice ? a sphere to cover a long thin shape for example, results in unexpected and unrealistic collision detection.

See Also: Bounding Volume

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eStadium: Using Smartphones for the first Augmented Stadiums
On the 7th November 2009, the eStadium application for iphones went live for the first time. It is a novel concept, designed to turn sporting events into augmented reality centres with a minimum of infrastructure in place.

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Advanced Speech Encoding
Advanced Speech Encoding, or ASE is designed to reduce the number of bits required to transmit voice signals over a data stream down to the minimum possible. For virtual environments, this would be ideal, as voice traffic takes up huge amounts of packet space, radically reducing the rest of the data flow.

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Apple Image Recognition Patent
On the 10th of May 2012, Apple corporation filed a new patent, building on earlier patents they have filed, and more importantly, turned into actual technologies. It focuses on improved machine vision and image recognition algorithms. Specifically, facial and other 3D object recognition from 2D data only and in any light, on minimum computational power devices.


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MIT researchers have achieved nanoscale lithography lines about 25 nanometers wide separated by 25 nm spaces.

The most advanced commercially available computer chips today have a minimum feature size of 65 nm. Intel recently ...

Electronics giant Samsung has shown off what it claims is the world's most powerful chip for use in memory cards.

The 64 gigabit (Gb) chips could be used to make flash memory, commonly used in MP3 players, capable of holding...

Teleste, a cable supplier in Finland, is experimenting with Internet access via TV cables which is expected to reach 100Mbit per second by 2006.

"Based on our research, 30 megabits per second is the absolute minimum in futur...

(Press Release) ARLINGTON, Texas, Oct. 4 VirTra Systems, Inc. today announced receipt of an order for a minimum of 15 IVR-300(TM) HD 360-degree, high-definition firearms training systems for use by Mexican governmental agencies.

Siemens Communications research laboratory in Munich, Germany, have successfully transmitted at speeds of one gigabit per second sustained across their wireless network.

Using a technique called OFDM, or Orthogonal Frequency-...