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Moire pattern

A moiré pattern is an interference pattern usually resembling a group of S-curves where there should be none, caused by an overlaying of lines at different angles or mesh sizes.

In virtual environments, they occur when a normally perfectly fine texture is resized by perspective as it disappears into the distance. If this was not expected, the texture sampling rate often does not degrade well, and parts of the mesh which make it up, clash with the slightly larger mesh of the texture instance next to it, and closer to the viewer.

The result is a section of swirling lines, which move up and down the surface as the viewer moves, but which never draw close to the viewpoint. It often makes large texture areas look very unrealistic, and can totally destroy depth perception if over an excessive area.

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Moire pattern


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When Augmented Security Goes Pear Shaped
It has been revealed that a biometric pattern recognition system in use at Japan's airports has been bypassed for an unknown amount of time, effectively rendering it worthless, and raising questions about the reliance on technology as a 'watertight' security measure.

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Recreating Rolling Terrain
Rolling terrain follows a specific pattern when viewed from the air. Anywhere on Earth, it is easily recognizable by the way it flows as a near never ending series of similar forms. Smooth, rounded ridges interspersed by valleys, leading down to deep valleys at either end.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Self-Assembing Logos
This is the entrance world for ActiveWorlds, which every newcomer to the various worlds sees when they come in. It is thus in their interest to make it as flashy and awe-inspiring as possible. Those trees are all around the outside of this small world, and if you look at them and then conclude that they are nothing more than an irregularly shaped rock retextured with a leaf pattern, masked, and then dropped on top of a bark textured flagpole, you would be dead on the money. That is precisely what those are.

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Electrocorticography Grows Up
Electrocorticography or ECoG is a method of neural interface in which an electrode array, quite like a fine mesh, is draped over the upper surface of the brain directly, under the skull. A section of the skull is removed to allow the array to be fed in, then replaced. The result is near-identical to a high fidelity EEG that is under the skull and thus away from its pattern dampening properties.

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Using Simple Brains to Understand the Mechanics of Emotion
Emotion is a tricky beast. We still do not fully understand what triggers a given emotion, in terms of the neurochemical signals in the brain, despite several years of study. This is because of the difficulty of determining whether an electrical pattern is triggering an emotional state, or is caused in response to an emotional state.

The dramatic growth in practical applications for machine learning over the last ten years has been accompanied by many important developments in the underlying algorithms and techniques. This book is suitable for courses on machine learning, statistics, computer science, signal processing, computer vision, data mining, and bioinformatics.

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Creating Polygonal Shapes through a Merger with Topology
By merging the traditionally distinct fields of topology and geometry, through the discovery of a new type of mathematics called persistent homology, math researchers have created a set of equations which simply describe the pattern and placement of complex fractals as part of a polygonal model - such as the unique froth on a wave, within the reach of real-time rendering

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Augmented Reality Basics: Magic Symbol
In myth and legend, a magic symbol is a pattern drawn on a physical object which possesses otherworldly powers; able to alter reality by creating protective circles, summon creatures to do the artist's bidding, or alter the structure of reality itself. Perhaps it is poetic that the same concept is now used as the keystone for augmented reality.


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The team started with the assumption that the brain processes words in t...

By observing the pattern of activity in the brain, scientists have discovered they can "read" whether a person just heard words spoken in anger, joy, relief, or sadness. The discovery, reported online on May 14th in Current Biology, a Cel...

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