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Molecular Assembler

The molecular assembler is a step on from the 3D printer ? about as much of a step on as that is from the printed page. Already feasible in minuscule amounts by tying an electron microscope into a VR interface, a molecular assembler could take a clump of matter and reconstitute it into anything we desire, so long we have the molecular schematics.

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Molecular Assembler

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A group of scientists at The Scripps Research Institute has developed a new way of looking at and interacting with the tiniest of molecules ? holding them in your hands and manipulating them.


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It's relatively easy to collect massive amounts of data on microbes. But the files are so large that it takes days to simply transmit them to other researchers and months to analyze once they are received.

Researchers at Mic...

Bristol University neuroscientists have been able to identify a key molecular mechanism that controls synaptic plasticity in the perirhinal cortex.

They have gone on to demonstrate that blocking the same molecular mechanism t...

A privately financed team of scientists and engineers is nearing completion of a special-purpose supercomputer intended to offer more than a thousandfold increase in performance for complex molecular simulations.

The machine,...

UCLA researchers have developed a cancer diagnostic chip that generates single-cell ?molecular fingerprints? for a small quantity of pathology samples, including brain tumor tissues, combining the advantages of microfluidics and microscopy-...

Information processing circuits in digital computers are static. In our brains, information processing circuits?neurons?evolve continuously to solve complex problems. Now, an international research team from Japan and Michigan Technological...