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Multiboxing, (sometimes spelt Multi-boxing) is a term that originated in MMORPG usage, though it applies to all types of shared reality VR system. It refers to logging into the system under multiple accounts, or multiple avatars on a single account, and interacting with the world through them, simultaneously.

This has obvious benefits in gameworlds, where one person can be an entire party for questing. In social VRs the benefits are often in the form of subtle manipulation of others, by 'being' several different people at once. This is one of the inherent dangers of any avatar-based system, in that as there is no physical connection to the user's birth-body, there is always an element of doubt as to their identity.

Multiboxing is frowned upon by the operators of many gameworlds, as it gives one user an unfair advantage. However, methods put in place to detect when one user is controlling multiple avatars, all have loopholes around them. In many cases, each separate instance runs on a computer at the user's location, or may even route through someone else's internet connection to give a different IP address.

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