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Multimodal Sequence

A multimodal sequence can refer to several things in VR.

1. It may refer to a communication system that seamlessly switches from one mode of communication to another as they become available – Wi-Fi to Wi-Max to 3G, to ADSL – seamlessly in the background without disturbing the user's experience, choosing whichever technologies offer the best bandwidth at the time.

2. It may refer to a type of Natural User Interface or NUI in which multiple interface types are combined – gestures, touch, eye movement, voice, etcetera – to create a single interface.

In this type of interface, a command is given to the system as a series of separate actions by the user. Perhaps a touch command to start, followed by a voice command to modify, or a vocal command to start followed by a gesture to modify.

The first command opens up an invisible interface within the system, of which the user is not consciously aware. This interface recognises the first action as a possible command action, and awaits one of a list of other actions which will tell it how to perform the command.

An example might be tapping a surface in a virtual environment, saying the word 'colour' out loud, then using a gesture to select the colour desired from a colour wheel. The result is the simu8lation painting that surface in that colour.

The advantage of a multimodal sequence, is that if the first of the commands was not really a command – say the user was just tapping a virtual wall with no wish to change it – then if a valid secondary command is not forthcoming immediately, the system recognises the first action was not a command and quietly drops it.

Such sequences as commands rather than individual natural gestures, speech or touch as commands offer a layer of security against user frustration, as they cannot accidentally trigger a change in the system with their natural expression. Changes follow naturally and intuitively, but are very hard to complete by accident.

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