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The process of taking a right and left image and combining them to make one stereo 3D image.

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With the increasing high volume content over the internet, such as multimedia and high definition images, new transmission methods need to be found to handle the increasing data demand. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT) have success...

High-throughput sequencing has turned biologists into voracious genome readers, enabling them to scan millions of DNA letters, or bases, per hour. When revising a genome, however, they struggle, suffering from serious writer's block, exace...

Computer-generated characters have become so lifelike in appearance and movement that the line separating reality is almost imperceptible at times. "The Matrix" sequels messed with audiences' perceptions of reality (in more ways than one...

Biochip laboratories, those shoebox-sized in-situ diagnostic units that have been around for just a handful of years, revolutionise diagnosis where they are present. A biochip blood test takes two hours to return accurate results for a rang...

Miniaturized laboratory-on-chip systems promise rapid, sensitive, and multiplexed detection of biological samples for medical diagnostics, drug discovery, and high-throughput screening. Using micro-fabrication techniques and incorporating a...