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Muscle-Machine Interface

A muscle-machine interface is a derivative of muscle-computer interfaces, which has a wider scope. The controlling computer is often not obvious, whilst the interface paradigm is used to control a wide variety of machinery by muscle twitch alone.

Using a similar approach to brain-machine interfaces, muscle based interfaces detect the electrical signals just under the skin as muscles move, and use this to guide actions.

For example, one muscle based machine interface for a wheelchair, works by moving forward when the person smiles, turning left when they close their left eye and turning right when they close their right eye. The muscle movements control machine actions.

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Muscle-Machine Interface


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VR Interfaces: Inupathy - Neural Interface Dog Mood collar
The Inupathy collar is an empathic collar, a brain machine interface for your dog, that visually transmits your dogs emotions in real-time, by reading the dog's heartbeat as a biometric marker for the emotional turmoil going on inside. It learns and adapts to the dog, and offers an insight into your best friend's thought process, to bolster the ones you already have. It's a brain machine interface for the heart.

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Speeding Peripheral Nerve Machine Interfaces
Discussion of a possible hardware-based neuroprosthetic interface method designed to maximise speed gain in body-machine sensory interfaces.

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Meshworm: A robot made of a single Artificial Muscle
Meshworm is the prototype proof of concept for a new type of artificial muscle, based on an in-depth study of the movement patterns of the common earthworm, and shows how it is possible to create a 'soft' robot or prosthetic that is basically a single muscle and very little else.

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BMI: Basic Introductions
It has become apparent that whilst research into Brain Machine Interfaces continues at a steady pace, there is a certain amount of confusion in both academic and commercial circles about just what comprises a brain-machine interface. This disambiguation article intends to clarify.

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Brain Machine Interface Enabled Wheelchair
Researchers at the University of South Florida have developed a wheelchair-mounted robotic arm, which is capable of interfacing with the wheelchair user's thoughts via a non-invasive neural interface.

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Podcast: EPOC Brain Machine Controller
At The Entertainment Gathering on December 12th 2008, Tan Le, co-founder and president of Emotiv Systems, gave a live demo of EPOC, her non-invasive brain machine interface system.

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Controlling Devices by Muscle Movement
Industry News

Mimi Switch, a Japanese muscle monitoring device, has an interesting premise. It looks like a normal set of headphones but is fitted with a set of infrared sensors that measure tiny movements inside the ear that result from different facial expressions.

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Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Increases Prosthetic BMI
A Journal of the American Medical Association study looked at targeted muscle re-innervation to see if it did indeed have as much success as studies conducted by those with a vested interest in a positive result.

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Sol Bianca: The Legacy Take on Gaze-Directed Neural-controlled Weaponry
A surprising find from an old anime space opera released in 1999. The main plot and most of the episodes have nothing to do with VR, but this element does. It is by far the most comprehensive and well thought out brain-machine-interface controlled firearm, we have ever come across in any genre of televised fiction. It would actually function as shown, using modern interface technology.


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In a moving tale showcasting the true power of brain-machine interfaces, a 41 year old Japanese man, paralysed with a progressive muscle disease, and not far off becoming a quadriplegic, has taken a stroll in second life.


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