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Myelin Sheath

In order to fully understand the interface methods of neuroprosthetics and brain-machine interfacing, increasingly used to interface with VR systems, a basic grounding of the wetware components of the brain might be beneficial.

A myelin sheath is a wrapping of fatty myelin cells, which twist and wrap layers deep around a single axon thread or a cluster of them, providing insulation not dissimilar from electrical wire insulation. They also provide a track for important axon pathways to regrow along, if one is lost for some reason.

Not all axons are sheathed. Typically, these sheaths are restricted to the peripheral nervous system, and for nerve pathways where speed is of the essence ? muscle control and non pain sensory feedback. Pain nerve axons are not myelinated, meaning they do not grow back along the same path when severed, and their signals are uninsulated, resulting in signal bleed and slow propagation speeds.

See Also: Myelin, Axon, Neuron

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