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Negative Obstacle

A negative obstacle, is an obstacle of nothing. A hole in the ground, that is not safe to pass, but presents no physical barrier for sensors to detect. It is a particular problem for augmented reality AI pathfinding, for virtual reality pathfinding when the AI has no access to a pre-made heightmap, and for unmanned ground vehicles of all kinds.

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Negative Obstacle


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Debuted at CES 2009, mind flex is a Mattel thought controlled child's toy. Brainwaves are read to spin a fan faster or slower, to allow a ping-pong ball to navigate an obstacle course.

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Connecting Twitter to a Light Display
An augmented reality exercise for the London Olympics - connect the lights of the London Eye up to twitter, and scan all the feeds simultaneously for mentions of them. Positive toned comments light bulbs. Negative toned comments turn bulbs off.


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Psychologists Mante S. Nieuwland and Gina R. Kuperberg from Tufts University investigated how different types of negative statements are processed in the brain. In this study, the researchers measured event related potential responses (ERPs...

Bad reviews affect the stock price of the companies making those products, causing negative returns of as much as 8 percent, which could accumulate and spiral if the negative reviews aren't addressed, said Gerard J. Tellis, the Jerry and N...

When something we do produces a positive result, we actually perceive it differently than we would if that same action yielded a negative result. In particular, people feel a greater connection between voluntary actions and their outcomes i...

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