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Networked Synthetic Environment

A synthetic environment is basically any environment that is wholly, or majoritively artificial in nature. This means that every element, or almost every element is fabricated, but not necessarily any less real than a natural element.

When you network a synthetic environment, it basically becomes a shared synthetic environment, which means that it presents present a synthetic reality to a group of people at the same time, such that all perceive to be within the same environment, and can usually effect it such that any change they make is replicated to all parties within the same environment.

In order to do this, the environment is distributed across several host servers.

This in effect creates a much larger, more vibrant and detailed environment for it is not limited to the capabilities of any one computer. However, as any change is only made to one computer's section and must be replicated throughout the rest, it causes significant communication overhead.

Another term for Networked Synthetic Environment is Distributed Synthetic Environment.

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Book Quotes: Net Coma
When a person becomes truly totally immersed in any VR environment, their physical body almost ceases to be a part of them. The more senses are subsumed by the synthetic reality, the less connection the brain feels to the original body.

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Dark City: A Dystopian Synthetic World
Plotline Review of the film Dark City, a dystopian synthetic reality storyline which questions deeply the nature of self, and of reality.

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Using Groupings for Networked Gaming
An interesting article, discussing how to group data together, so that all players only get the information essential to them.

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Building the Networked World
Bill Thompson muses on the stages of development required to create a ubiquitous network infrastructure, within both the EU and wider world.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ The Return of the Archons
Networked neuroprosthetics used to control and subjugate a host population. Not the most original of storylines, but the first time such appeared on TV. At this time, it was original, and done well indeed.

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Synthetic Brain to Aid Research
In what is certainly initially seems like a novel twist on logic, researchers from UC Irvine are utilising a robot outfitted with an artificial mind, to help them understand how the human brain works.

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The First Networked Brain Orchestra
Its not exactly easy listening music, but the world premiere rendition of music by the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona's brain orchestra, is certainly a worthy achievement for science.

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Does Function Have to Follow Form in Prosthetics?
Why do prosthetic body parts have to limit themselves to copying the original organic components? When a large part of a person's body is synthetic, shouldn't they be free to express it, however they choose?

At the time of publication, it was the best book on the subject of networking real-time, multiple user, persistent environments. Although it is still on the market today, the problem is, it is almost hopelessly dated, still insisting on a hierarchical architecture, which was perfect at the time, but just cannot cope with large worlds today.

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Stretchable Tactile Sensors
Wouldn't it be marvellous if artificial pressure sensors could bend and flex like their organic counterparts? If synthetic skin could knead and twist like normal skin, but remain just as keen of sense? We are not there yet, but the first prototypes that can behave naturally under strain, are already here.


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A team of UC Irvine scientists has been awarded a $4 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Office to study the neuroscientific and signal-processing foundations of "synthetic telepathy."

This Brain-Machine Interface dr...