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Neural Integration

Neural Integration is where an outside, artificial device or limb is tied in, or integrated into the body?s central nervous system to the extent that it is directly controllable by conscious or unconscious brain activity.

It may also refer to the two-way transfer of signals, delivering feedback from the device to the brain in the form of sensory information.

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Neural Integration


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Vehicle Control with Neural Networks
An excellent, easy-to-follow look at using neural networks to control the movement of AI vehicles (or dragons, or whatever). Includes careful break down of how neural networks work, and carries a gradual learning curve upwards.

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Neural Reader vs Neurostimulator
Neural readers and neurostimulators. You will never encounter two more opposing types of brain prosthesis. It is ironic then, that these two are perhaps the most frequently confused, by the lay-person.

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The First Neural-Jack?
Japanese researchers have created the very first, incredibly crude, neural-jack interface, a distant ancestor of those seen in cyberpunk and the Matrix films, but of the same lineage all the same.

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Large Image Display: Sol Bianca: F-310 Mega-Arms Neural Interface Gun
An in-depth technical look at the neural-controlled weapon in Sol Bianca. How it would actually function, and the basics of how we would go about recreating it in functional form, from technology available today.

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Introduction to Neural Networks
This lengthy article, compiled from a set of slides, gives an excellent overview of neural networks, without delving into too much depth. Excellent for an intro.

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A Modular Framework for Artificial Intelligence Based on Stimulus Response Directives
Neural networks are one of the best techniques available, for modelling a mind. However, they are also processing-intensive, and somewhat uncontrollable at their current technological level. This article concentrates on using directive sets, rather than neural nets, to create realistic, task driven behaviour.

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Business in VR: Interfacing a Sales Database with a World
A tutorial for those looking to set up business integration with a third party virtual environment, and avoid the common major pitfalls in linking their transaction database for in-world product orders.

We can build You is a very strange tale. As the title suggests, the bulk of the book is dedicated to the integration of simulacra with organic humans, told from a very down to earth perspective. The novel examines in considerable detail, without naming them explicitly, the twin issues of substrate chauvinism and substrate independence.

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Scent Integration with VR: Determining Avatar's 'Age'
Surprisingly, we use the sence of smell every time we meet another person. For the subtle body odours our physical bodies emit, guide others as to our physical age, and provide cues on how to talk to us. As scent interfaces work their way into social VR systems, we need to give serious consideration to adding 'BO' to our avatars.

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Business Integration for games: An introduction to online games and e-business infrastructure
This article is a mark of the acceptance of virtual worlds as the future of the interactive entertainment industry. Written by IBM, to promote their new range of dedicated services, it looks at the new business models required by this industry, the massive hurdles to overcome, and suggests ways of minimising them with minimal extra work by you.


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June 16 - 18, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Neural Interfaces research community consists of investigators, supported by grants or contracts, who are working in areas that include functional neuromuscular/ electrical s...

Programming Neural Networks in Java will show the intermediate to advanced Java programmer how to create neural networks. This book attempts to teach neural network programming through two mechanisms. First the reader is shown how to create...

Conference Dates: August 26 ? 28, 2007
Location: Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania, USA

This NIMH supported conference will provide an intensive dialogue among leading thinkers about the rapidl...

Motherhood is associated with the acquisition of a host of new behaviors that must be driven, at least in part, by alterations in brain function. Now, new research published by Cell Press in the October 20 issue of the journal Neuron provid...

Japanese research group led by Professor Junichi Nabekura in National Institute for Physiological Sciences, NIPS, Japan, found that, after cerebral stroke in one side of the mouse brain, another side of the brain rewires its neural circuits...