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Neurocomputation, sometimes referred to as two words 'Neural Computation', is the study of neural networks, both biological and utterly artificial. All attempts to build a brain fall into this category, as does much artificial general intelligence work. The brains constructed by neurocomputation, are in turn studied by the field of neurophysiology, to draw parallels with natural brains and nervous systems. In this way, the two fields continually positively reinforce one another.

See Also: Neurophysiology, Neuroscience, Neural coding, BMI, AGI, AI, Alife, Neural Network, Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Engineering

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As the core principles of neurocomputation adhere to, the brain is all there is. It's circuitry is responsible for every aspect of a person's thoughts, feelings, behaviour. The neurons and glia cells networked together control every aspec...

Your brain is incredibly well-suited to handling whatever comes along, plus it’s tough and operates on little energy. Those attributes — dealing with real-world situations, resiliency and energy efficiency — are precisely what might be poss...