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In order to fully understand the interface methods of neuroprosthetics and brain-machine interfacing, increasingly used to interface with VR systems, a basic grounding of the wetware components of the brain might be beneficial.

The neuron is the main cell type in the brain and central nervous system, responsible for transmission and processing of data. They are not the only such cell type in the brain, but all cognition involves them. They transmit electrochemical signals across their length at anything from 2 ? 200 metres per second. These are the cells that neuroprosthetics attempt to exchange voltage charges with, to enable communication.

Neurons exist in the brain by the hundreds of billions, and thread throughout the body in the hundreds of millions.

See also: Axon, Dendrite, Axon Tip, Synapse, Myelin, Myelin Sheath

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Improving BCI: Neural Network on a Chip
In neuroprosthetics, rather than guide the electrodes to neuron dendrites, why not guide neuron dendrites to the electrodes?

On the sixth of June 2005, the most ambitious project to date for brain research was launched. Its mission: to recreate a human brain in simulation, neuron for neuron, connection for connection. Then, turn it on, and give it stimulai, to see what happens.

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Blue Brain Project - creating a simulated brain
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 16-06-2005. On the sixth of June 2005, the most ambitious project to date for brain research was launched. Its mission: to recreate a human brain in simulation, neuron for neuron, connection for connection.

Neurons in the brain communicate by short electrical pulses, the so-called action potentials or spikes. How can we understand the process of spike generation? How can we understand information transmission by neurons? What happens if thousands of neurons are coupled together in a seemingly random network? How does the network connectivity determine the activity patterns?


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A team of neuroscientists has found that the mirror neuron system, which is thought to play a central role in social communications, responds normally in individuals with autism. Their findings, reported in the journal Neuron, counter theor...

The paradigm known to psychologists as the theory of mind, is the basis for a new theory of brain function proposed by Fiorillo, a professor at Stanford University. His model attempts to provide an understanding of the nervous system by loo...

Studies with fruit flies have shown that the specialized nerve cells called neurons can rebuild themselves after injury.

These results, potentially relevant to research efforts to improve the treatment of patients with trauma...

Monash University (Australia) researchers have found that people who are good at interpreting facial expressions have more active mirror neuron systems.

Mirror neurons are brain cells that fire both when you do something and...

A specialised chip that can communicate with thousands of neurons been developed by a team from Italy and Germany working with mobile chip maker Infineon.

16,384 transistors and hundreds of capacitors were squeezed onto an e...