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Orthographic Projection

The orthographic projection is a projection from infinity that preserves neither area nor angle. It creates images that have no perspective ? they neither shrink, nor grow with distance. With orthographic projection, the viewpoint or lightsource is an infinite distance away, and there is no vanishing point.

This has the effect of making a view much more symmetric, and easier to gauge relative sizes of parts of large objects. Thus, orthographic projection is usually used for CAD. It is typically also used when precise measurements of the 3D object are required, such as with architectural or scientific purposes.

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Orthographic Projection


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Displaying SmartPhones: Mini-Projector Over iWear?
An interactive projection system, building on the virtual keyboard, offers a second type of augmented reality display for the smartphone - Enlarged projection onto any surface.

The virtual laser keyboard first appeared in mid 2005, and is a product of machine vision and projection technology. The emitter itself is about the size of a small mobile phone, and so can be discretely attached to any handheld device.

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The Augmented Reality Skyline
In mid December 2008, Nokia designer and human behavioural researcher Jan Chipchase posed the question on what the skyline of our towns and cities would look like under the tinting of augmented reality displays, filtering systems, and projection technologies.


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