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Parallel Rendering

Parallel rendering is essentially rendering the same scene, or very similar scenes, across two or more separate systems at the same time. The best example currently, is stereoscopy, where typically two separate graphics accelerator cards render the same data, or almost the same data, in order to create a slightly different image for each eye from the same initial data.

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Parallel Rendering


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Volumetric Rendering in Realtime
A brief but thorough multi-part article from Gamasutra, on creating volumetric rendering in real-time, for use in fog, fluid, and other effects, which correctly affect light at any point through them.

A required reading book on real-time scene rendering that has been around for years, this book serves as a holistic, platform-independent guide for creating high frame rate renders that are as realistic as possible for the hardware available ? and teaches you where the bottlenecks are in the process so that you learn how to gauge new hardware from spec and understand how it will directly impact performance.

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When a Biochip Lab is not enough: Massively parallel Biochip Labs
Biochip laboratories are a long way from standard equipment in every doctor's office, of course. The technology has left the lab, but only just. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement. After all, what do you do when testing hundreds of samples all at once, is just not enough? Why you increase the throughput!

Such alternative history samples are outstanding, meaty fodder for world plotlines based around parallel existences - a world run by Hitler, or a cold war of the far future. This outstanding collection of essays really encourages you to think outside the box, and wonder, What might have happened if....

SimStim is literally Simulated Stimulation, and is a logical parallel to VR. Rather than experiencing a full VR or AR experience in which your mind is placed inside a metaverse matrix, a completely simulated reality; or the joys of physical reality -meatspace- with additional VR components grafted on, SimStim opens up a third possibility.

This book does a pretty good job of smashing the old argument that video games are harmful to children. Instead, it fills the void with statements showing how gaming can teach advanced problem solving, language and cognitive skills, strategic thinking, multitasking, and parallel processing. All of which are skills vital to survival in the increasingly technocratic 21st century.


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(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new rendering solution: LightWorks Studio Edition, or 'SE'.

(Press Release) Lightworks, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to announce that Arc Technology has integrated Lightworks rendering technology within the latest version of the...

Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 - 26 July 2008

The IADIS Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) 2008 conference aims to address the main issues on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Image Processing and Computer Vision.

(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, has announced the release of LightWorks 8.1 which provides LightWorks customers with yet more enhanced rendering fun...

A new study by a University of Warwick researcher has demonstrated that researchers trying to model a range of processes could use the power and capabilities of a particular XBox chip as a much cheaper alternative to other forms of parallel...