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Performance Capture

Performance capture is another term for high fidelity facial motion capture, and is a version of facial motion capture ? monitoring the movement of the cheeks, lips, chin, nose, eyes, ears, and eyebrows of the user?s face ? in which an extremely high degree of subtlety is captured. This is used to monitor breathing, nostril flare, even the twitch of an earlobe. Everything geared to reading and interpreting even the most subtle of facial movements in real-time.

Performance capture is ideal for reconstructing precise sounds from lip movements, for this same reason.

See Also: MoCap, Facial MoCap

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MoCap for Movement Analysis
Promising work by QuinteQ on real-time motion capture without excessive hardware, holds promise for MoCap use in public VR.

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Video games need 'realism boost'
BBC article about how to add authenticity to VR, goes beyond graphics, also encompassing extensive use of motion capture to catalogue how stance, gait and the tiny movements of facial muscles combine when people display different emotions.

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The PC: Leading the way in home-based graphical immersion
There has been a lot of buzz lately, around the consoles - Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii, as to offering the ultimate gaming experience. Virtual environments, whilst not games, depend on the same hardware performance. So, which platform does offer the best development point for high-end worlds? Is the humble personal computer a thing of the past?

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Wafer Thin Flexible Integrated Circuits
A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that nanoscale particles, or nanocrystals, of the semiconductor cadmium selenide can be "printed" or "coated" on flexible plastics to form high-performance electronics that can be bent, flexed, and even folded, without losing their capability to computate.

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Combining MoCap and Gesture Recognition
MoCap - Motion Capture - for all its impressive abilities, has definite limitations in terms of sensory fidelity, the expense and bulk of the rig. Gesture control is cheap and captures every little movement, but easily overwhelmed. Is a hybrid system possible?

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Nanotube Integrated Circuits a Reality
In February 2011, the first true breakthrough in microscopic, flexible substrate transistors was achieved. Professor Esko I. Kauppinen from Aalto University developed a fast and simple method of producing high-performance thin-film transistors on an ultra-thin plastic substrate.

A required reading book on real-time scene rendering that has been around for years, this book serves as a holistic, platform-independent guide for creating high frame rate renders that are as realistic as possible for the hardware available ? and teaches you where the bottlenecks are in the process so that you learn how to gauge new hardware from spec and understand how it will directly impact performance.

Horses and other Animals in Motion is a collection of, as the title says, 45 sets of photographs of horses hauling, walking, trotting, etc., plus sequences of donkeys, an ox, pig, dog, cat, deer and other animals capture details of anatomy and movement. These images, were taken by the definitive expert in the field, Eadweard Muybridge.


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A recent patent filing by defense contractor Lockheed Martin gives us a peek into a portable virtual reality simulator the company is cooking up.

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The CAPTECH2004 Workshop on Modelling and Motion Capture Techniques for Virtual Environments takes place on 9, 10 & 11 December 2004, in Zermat, Switzerland.

An international workshop to stimulate discussion on the current an...