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Persistent Browser-Based Game

A Persistent Browser-Based Game or PBBG is an attempt to recreate the concept of a persistent online world within the limitations of a web browser. No flash, no shockwave, just a standard internet html browser.

PBBGs are not capable of becoming fully-fledged worlds. Even the grandness of the MUD is beyond them. However, this does not mean they cannot be immersive, enjoyable experiences, with a backend world that like MUDs and MMOs, is persistent, ever-changing, always there.

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Persistent Browser-Based Game


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World Review: Larkinor
World Review: Larkinor welcome screen
Larkinor is a strange place, almost a chameleon. It is a web-based browser game, same as a thousand others. Only difference is, it is doing its level best to immitate something decidedly more than a game ? it is trying to be a MUD.
Rating 58.5

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How to talk to corporations about games
A simple online game, based on the difficult prospect of convincing an organisation that a serious game or VR environment is ideal for their training needs. Based heavily on actual case studies.

This book is essentially the direct outpourings from the designer?s mind on the foundational skills behind the design and architecture of a game, or gameworld. Of course, since virtual environments, even non-gaming, share many albeit not all of the same design features, a designer lacking these skills, risk overlooking usability issues and immersion values, without which users may struggle. This is especially true in persistent VR.

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Web-based market simulation 'game' a serious training aid
From September 2003, this brief news snippet is worth keeping hold of, because it's message is so important - even a 'game' is a serious tool to train.

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The Bug Process
Bug tracking is a major headache when you?re shipping any code product. In a MMO or social VR world where the world is persistent, and you have test builds and live builds scattered across several servers, bug tracking can become a major migraine. How then, is best to track and kill these annoying bugs in persistent products?

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Play the character, not the game
This story-based paper examines the different challenges, experiences, and memories available in role-play, and other types of 'game', in order to showcase the advantage of the one over the other. This one makes its point well.

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Putting the "Game" in your RPG
An amusing yet to the point article on roleplay in VR. As the author puts it: ?Too much role-play, and you've got theatre, with everything consent-based and largely pre-arranged. Too much game, and you've got Quake, and the world is a flavourless collection of point-hounding players, who don't care if they're wearing "a Hawaiian shirt" on their body if it's got +damroll.?

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VR Interfaces: HOPSCOTCH
The Hopscotch system is based very much on the childhood game of the same name. A combination of that, the design of the keypad from a modern mobile phone, and the link between physical exercise and learning is what makes HOPSCOTCH the physical-based teaching aid it is.

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Network Game Programming: Part 1
A seven-part series introducing network game programming, from the basics, through to advanced concepts. Winsock based.

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Network Game Programming: Part 2
A seven-part series introducing network game programming, from the basics, through to advanced concepts. Winsock based.


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