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Personal Display System

Personal Display System or PDS is a new term, which is springing up by an increasing number of companies to refer to video-eyewear, the third type of head-mounted display system.

Video-eyewear, or PDS is a hybrid, halfway between a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) and a Heads-Up Display (HUD) allowing you much of the immersion of a HUD whilst still retaining the ability to see the environment that is physically around you, as with a HUD.

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Personal Display System


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eMagin Corporation's Eyebud 800 personal display system. This is a video eyewear display, which is specifically designed to interface with an ipod.

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Icuiti M920 Heads up Display System Introduced
Industry News

Industry news from 07-02-2005. On Wednesday, 2nd of February, Icuiti announced the introduction of the M920 Heads up Display System (HUD). This device offers a healthy resolution for a heads up display, with none ofthe weight, or overheating issues of previous displays.

The Perspecta display system was released by Actuality Systems in May 2005. Its intended purpose is as a 3D volumetric display capable of projecting a virtual object right in front of you.

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VR Interfaces: Perspecta
A technical look at the Perspecta suspended display system, released by Actuality Systems in May 2005. Its intended purpose is as a 3D volumetric display capable of projecting a virtual object right in front of you.

SonixTouch is a portable touch screen system, that can be customised by the clinician, into any display method, and compatible with any general purpose or specific ultrasound medical system. It adapts to process the results from anything.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: Status Update
A sample of the logging routines from Animatrix: Beyond, signaling all the data the machines need to keep a perfect record of what transpired in the system. It serves here as a reminder that when creating your own simulation, you do not have to go overboard and be verbose on the system logs. All it needs is the basic, bare bones information.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Blending Displays with Drapes
There are several potential ways this display is working. One of the simplest and most plausible is a colour e-paper display behind a completely transparent display medium. The e-paper handles the picture, 'refreshing' the colour display to a matt black when the layer in front, the graphical display is activated. As soon as that deactivates, the 'oil' is re-drawn. Simple, elegant, and still far beyond us.

Virtual sight devices, sometimes termed virtual light, are a class of display system which is a mix of AR, prosthetics, and VR. They have no actual display units as such, and completely bypass the human eye. Instead, they tap into the optical nerve directly, and deliver processed information to the neurons heading into the brain.

VRD or Virtual Retinal Display is an offshoot of HMD display technology, which, instead of placing a pair of display screens in front of the eyes, actually projects an image directly onto the human retina with low-energy lasers or LCDs.

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Why Do I Roleplay?
The author explains their personal experiences of the benefit of role-play. This article deserves a read.


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France Telecoms, a corporation with a lot of time on their hands, have developed the next stage in augmented reality clothing. A T-shirt, with integrated display system stitched into the weave, and bluetooth friendly.

Now, yo...

June 21 (Wed.) - 23 (Fri.), 2006, Tokyo Big Sight conference centre, Japan.

Input/Output Technology and Product
? Display Device System
Visual Display, Audio Display, Tactile Display, Dynamic Display

Georges Grinstein and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts in Loweli, US, are designing a personal life mapping system that can identify not only where in your home all manner of different items are, but search and index them as we...

The Wireless World Research Forum, an expert group, predicts that people could be using up to a thousand personal devices ? everything from sensors to satellite navigation ? within the next decade. Now European researchers have developed a ...

At SIGGRAPH 2004, same as in other years, VR firms see it as a chance to reveal -hopefully- revolutionary new interfaces. This year has been no exception. This high-dynamic-range (HDR) display uses active light-emitting diodes behind a high...