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Philosophical Zombie

A philosophical zombie, otherwise known as either a p-zombie or a p-zed is an interesting creation. It is very similar in structure to a bot or a needs-based, partial strong AI system. It?s a creature that is utterly indistinguishable from its peers according to outside observation. It has similar behaviour, mannerism, even low level thoughts and displays a purpose of action.

Yet, the philosophical zombie is not sentient. It has no inner spark or drive, and basically does as it is programmed to do. A humanoid philosophical zombie would be capable of carrying out a conversation like a human can, with enough conviction to show there is a person there, much like a chatbot can carry out a conversation if it is highly sophisticated enough. However there is no independent consciousness present.

It is often argued that an artificial being can only ever be a philosophical zombie. The natural counter argument to that of course, is to prove another being of your species is NOT such a creature.

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Philosophical Zombie


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This book is very much a philosophical viewpoint tome, one which is very relevant to VR, as it meanders between materialism and sensory synergy, arguing back and forth about how motion and sensation are the same thing; two halves of a dynamo engine which continually feed into one another.

The Animatrix is a collection of nine short animations, a mix of CG and hand drawn animation, examining different aspects of the Matrix universe. They tend to be thought provoking, looking at other aspects of VR from philosophical viewpoints, a detective story, what-if scenarios, and even a history of the future of the human race.

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The Simulation Argument: Why the Probability that You Are Living in a Matrix is Quite High
The film "The Matrix" Promoted a lot of philosophical musing on the nature of reality. One philosopher, Nick Bostrom, postulated 'the Simulation Argument', the belief that the world we live in, is in fact itself a simulation, and a complex scientific proof to support the idea.


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