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Photorealistic Texturing

Photorealistic texturing is literally the art of creating textures so vibrant that when applied to a virtual environment, and are processed through the render engine, make that object seem so real, that it could be from a photograph of a physical location.

Photorealism is easiest when applied to natural environments, and hardest when it is applied to faces, particularly human faces.

See Also: Uncanny Valley

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Photorealistic Texturing


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This is an old book, on its third update; a definite mainstay in the industry. Its one of those that never really gets to gather dust on the bookshelf, thou it may wind uo with food amongst its pages, as you reference back to it, without stopping for a break.

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EFIT-V and personalised avatars
EFit-V is one of the newest tools in the police arsenal. A replacement for sketch artists and the electronic EFit system. Rather than concentrate on how wide a nose is, or how far apart the eyes are, whilst it still has that capability, the software takes a new approach, and creates photorealistic faces whilst it is at it.

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Interview: Turning Dreams into Reality
An interview with Electronic Arts' Glenn Entis, EA's senior VP and chief visual and technical officer on the raging debates surrounding the role of graphics, particularly the drive towards photorealistic graphical capability to the detriment of other areas that has been occurring in VR gameworlds, and social spaces for the past few years.


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