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Pixel Boom Boom

A slang term for sexual antics through CGI, not through words, in virtual environments. It relies on sexual gestures or sequences only, and the visual act of two avatars attempting to copulate without any central co-ordination.

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Resource List: Introductory VR
Coming into virtual reality cold, can be an overwhelming experience. For many people, the last they heard of VR was during the dot com boom of the mid 1990s. When it sank out of sight as the technology was not up to mainstream expectations, many ordinary folk assumed this field had dissipated altogether.

Pixel Perfect is a 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie. It was first shown in January 2004, to 1.58 million viewers. As might be expected from a Disney branded production, Pixel Perfect can be somewhat teenager-orientated, however it is essentially S1m0ne, given a new twist.

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The Rocky Legal Landscape of Virtual Worlds, Part 1: Trademarks
Linux Insider has run a three part series on the legal issues of content creation within virtual worlds, in response to the boom in user created worlds. This first segment looks at the possibility of trademarking your goods, even if they only exist virtually.

The Binocular Omni Orientation Monitor or BOOM was one of the very first immersive VR interfaces, predating even the HMD. Massive and unwieldy, they none the less have some valuable properties which still see them in use today.

The 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie Pixel Perfect, is not available outside of Disney broadcast releases, but the soundtrack is. Among the tracks on it, are three songs, each with multiple meanings yet, from the way they were presented in the film, it is clear they were meant to refer to aspects of the life of a computer generated singer.


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A one-day conference on adaptive displays, sponsored by the Interactive Media Institute, held August 7, 2004 in Los Angeles.

This conference deals with the critical VR / AR issue of adapting displays - specifically HMD and BO...

Microsoft researchers have built a prototype display technology that mimics the optics in a telescope (at the scale of individual display pixels), with results that are faster and more efficient than a liquid crystal display (LCD).

Americans look set to spend $1bn (?600m) on virtual goods in 2009, claims a report. The cash will be spent on add-ons for online games, digital gifts and other items that exist only as data.

Total spend on such items is expec...

A recent job posting on the search engine giant's Web site states: "Google is looking for Strategic Negotiator candidates with experience in...(i)dentification, selection, and negotiation of dark fiber contracts both in metropolitan areas...

Figuring out what Apple Inc. has in store for its next big product launch has become as popular a game as gathering to pick fantasy football drafts every fall.

And with holiday shopping season approaching, speculation is grow...