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Plasmodium Robot

A plasmodium robot is an oddity in robotics, as such. It refers to a robot made entirely out of biological components. Specifically, plasmodium, the vegetative stage of the slime mould Physarum polycephalum, a commonly occurring mould.

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Plasmodium Robot


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Robot Cheetah breaks Legged Robot Land Speed Record
Modelled loosely on the design of the robot BigDog, Boston Dynamics' latest quadruped combat robot prototype manages to shatter a 23 year-old record for the fastest legged robot on Earth.

How do you spot a robot mimic of a human? How do you recognise and deactivate a rebellious servant robot? How do you escape a murderous smart home? This dry humoured survival guide, written by a genuine roboticist teaches the worried how to survive a robot mutiny.

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Robot unravels mystery of walking
A look at the first passive walking robot that walks like a human, rather than stomping around like a robot. Can prosthesis and avatars also benefit from this concept?

The da Vinci System is called "da Vinci" because Leonardo da Vinci invented the first robot Leonardo also used unparalleled anatomical accuracy and three-dimensional details to bring his masterpieces to life; thus the robot was named after him. First cleared by the American FDA in 2000, the DaVinci surgical robot is designed to enable minimally invasive, complex surgery.

The first of Issac Asimov?s robot books, I, Robot is a collection of nine short stories, involving humanity?s future, when robots are a part of everyday life. Using positronic brains and the three laws of Robotics (which have since become staple of sci-fi) the robots are hardwired to.

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Set in the year 2035, this film examines the near future in which robots are a part of every day life. Robots obeying Issac Asiov's three rules - so why is one robot accused of murder?

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The book ? Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships? explores every level of human relationship with robots, and robot-like creatures, arguing in favour of intimate relationships with robots ? and likely commonplace within a lifetime.

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CYCLOPS - Robot Blind Person
CYCLOPS is a novel robot, with a noble purpose. Created by researchers at the California Institute of Technology, it is designed to be used as a surrogate for blind persons in the testing of visual prostheses.


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When clinicians want to stratify Plasmodium infestation in patients diagnosed with malaria, the process currently can take a few days to produce reliable results. Additionally, because certain strains of Plasmodium have become drug resistan...

A little robot which acts like a personal assistant?

Tag your bits and bobs with RFID ? purse, bag, keys, mobile phone, so the robot knows what they are. Then, stand in front of the robot, and its pressure plate will detect y...

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has awarded the title of ?Robot of the Year, 2006? to a cleaning robot, after examining all new developments last year.

The robot that won the award, won due to its ability...

Japan has staged a special 'robot athletic meeting' in which household robots compete in football and dance competitions.

The robot dog Aibo is by far the most popular, and software updates even have them smelling one anot...

iRobot has secured a multimillion-dollar R&D contract for a new type of soft, flexible robot for the military.

The robot DARPA wants to see must be a soft, flexible, mobile robot that can squeeze into hard-to-reach places. Th...