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Platonic Realism

Originally created by the Greek philosopher Plato, Platonic realism is one of several philosophical viewpoints that actually dopes a better job of describing workable ways to construct a virtual world, than it does at describing the physical world we inhabit.

It is a philosophical view in which there are universal primary copies of every item in existence, like classes in programming code, and every instance in the world is an object.

For example, if you have an apple, that is an instance of the class apple, which exists outside the world, as a predefined structure with a variance range in its parameters. Thus two different apples, with different size, different colouration, perhaps a different shape, are still instances of the apple class, despite their differences.

It also means that the things the apple class explicitly demands without compromise, apply to both. They both have the same basic structure of seeds in the same sweet tasting soft goo surrounded by a thin but tougher coloured skin. They both have a stalk in the middle, and they both are inherited objects from the same tree class.

In other words, Platonic realism as applied to virtual reality gives us a way to construct a world such that objects can be different from one another, but still have the same core attributes. Every object in world is an instance of a defined class, as opposed to a simple model, whose attributes are randomised within a constraining range.

See Also: Substance Theory, Essentialism

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Platonic Realism


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