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Player versus Player

PvP or Player versus Player, is a term akin to brother against brother, and sister against sister. In the old, purely physical world, it would refer to doing all you can to wreck the life of another person. So it is, in the virtual. Players going out of their way to adversely affect the experience other players receive, griefing, pranking, stealing items, killing player characters, destroying the constructs of other players for no reason other than that they can. Sometimes a little PvP in a world is a good thing, to keep it interesting, and keep things moving. Too often, it is a bad thing, causing real pain and suffering, dragging legislature into the virtual, and in some cases, losing lives.

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Linked resource
Imaginary Realities: Beyond Player Killing
This old article, from the long-defunct e-zine Imaginary Realities, looks at various automated 'solutions' for player versus player conflict in gameworlds and virtual life worlds.

Locally Hosted resource
Replicating Medical Epidemics in Virtual Worlds
Are MMO worlds really a place where epidemics can be implemented? Infections leaping from player to player, some succumbing, some becoming carriers? It seems amazing, and farfetched - no player would stand for that, surely. Yet, this has already happened in at least one persistent virtual world.

Complete Website: Mudders' Cave
A site dedicated to player-to-player communication, and a small group of MUDs. An established site, with a precise focus towards the players, not the worlds. Also includes a moderate-sized database of player-names, and an attempt to find out why players leave individual worlds.

Linked resource
If You Don't Like it, Leave!
What do you do when a player just "won't let go"? It's difficult to just idly sit by and say nothing when a player becomes abusive, but what really is the "best" way to handle them?

Locally Hosted resource
The story of Havoc
A satriatrical look at non-role players, based around one player's character in a particular MUD, Nexus. A sad example of what can happen if a player doesn't consider RP 'a worthy consideration'.

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Makers of Dusk and Dawn
A look at the ultimate future of MMOs and social VR - player generated content. Second Life have worked out they have the equivalent of $400 million dollars of creative input per year - how to leverage that kind of player drive, and grade it in a MMO?

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Player wins court battle to restore property
This article made the news in December 2003, when a long time player of a certain virtual world, successfully sued for financial compensation when his items were deleted by the server. It set a worrying precident for many.

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The Secret Police
The secret police; the key to dealing with cheaters. Player monitoring in achievable forms, statistical representation, and why NOT to close a bug that you are aware a player is exploiting.

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Permanent Death Sliderule
?Permanent removal of the ability for a player to control his avatar within the game system is known as permanent player death (PPD). Few game mechanics actually attempt to make use of PPD, though the reasons for this vary. The purpose of this article is not to identify the strengths or weaknesses of PPD within a given game system, but to present one implementation of it.?


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