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Player-Driver Class Alliance System

A Player-Driver Class Alliance System or PDCAS is a gameworld or roleplaying world term, used to describe a fluid, dynamic job and profession system, which has been implemented by a variety of worlds through the decades, in an attempt to get out of the standard classes, and multi-classing molds.

The basic idea of PDCAS is it allows dynamic, player-driven creation of new classes, ie new jobs with distinct skillsets, on the fly.

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Player-Driver Class Alliance System


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Player-Driven Class Alliance System
A definition document for an interesting, and incredibly dynamic approach to classes and guilds, within a roleplay setting.

World Review: SCRYmud
World Review: SCRYmud welcome screen
An unusual MUD, this one. Class-based, but utilises a class-less skills system, whereby what the creature has learnt before, determines what they can learn next. Not a RP world, but it has the single largest, and best implemented skill web seen so far in a virtual world.

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CLASS, or 'Cognitive-Level Annotation using latent Statistical Structure', was a three year research project to improve machine vision algorithms and allow recognition of partially deformed or occluded objects.

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The proliferation of the little black box
A BBC article discussing the increasing trend of black boxes, which work similarly to aircraft black boxes in cars, to drive insurance costs down. These record every action the driver takes, for later automated analysis by the insurer. Insurance prices go up or down depending on how safe the driver's driving actually is.

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Permanent Death Sliderule
?Permanent removal of the ability for a player to control his avatar within the game system is known as permanent player death (PPD). Few game mechanics actually attempt to make use of PPD, though the reasons for this vary. The purpose of this article is not to identify the strengths or weaknesses of PPD within a given game system, but to present one implementation of it.?

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3D Dashboards: Future, or Distraction?
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, in Berlin, Germany, have created a new variety of car dashboard and display system that attempts to give the driver all the information they require to drive, in a three dimensional, interactive format, rather than a collection of dials and flashing lights.

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The bard has long been considered a major 'class' for Role-Played environments - the songster, the joker, and usually, the class overlooked in actual function and responsibility.

This short resource, reproduced with the permission of OBOD, looks at the true function of the bard, throughout history, and into the future.

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Imaginary Realities: Beyond Player Killing
This old article, from the long-defunct e-zine Imaginary Realities, looks at various automated 'solutions' for player versus player conflict in gameworlds and virtual life worlds.

Virtual sight devices, sometimes termed virtual light, are a class of display system which is a mix of AR, prosthetics, and VR. They have no actual display units as such, and completely bypass the human eye. Instead, they tap into the optical nerve directly, and deliver processed information to the neurons heading into the brain.

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Replicating Medical Epidemics in Virtual Worlds
Are MMO worlds really a place where epidemics can be implemented? Infections leaping from player to player, some succumbing, some becoming carriers? It seems amazing, and farfetched - no player would stand for that, surely. Yet, this has already happened in at least one persistent virtual world.


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